WWE SuperCard Season 8 starts now

WWE SuperCard Season 8 starts now

Today, the eighth season of the collectible-card-battling game WWE SuperCard for iOS and Android has begun. This new season brings a new game mode, three new card tiers, new WWE Superstars and multiple gameplay upgrades.

SuperCard season eight introduces the new Survival game mode, in which players have to survive in a winner-takes-all tournament with up to ten players. You’ll play with  cards that get handed out randomly at the start. At the start of each match, players trade one of their cards for one of their opponents, which adds an extra element of strategy.

This new season also brings these three new card tiers to the game: Mire, Maelstrom and Valhalla. These will become available as you progress in the game. Also, new cards for past and present fighters, like Rick Boogs, Afa and Sika, Julius, and Brutus Creed will be available for the first time.

Some other additions to the game are the Champion’s Boost stat modifier, Pack-battle rewards and Manager Cards. The Champion’s Boost gets applied to the card of a Superstar that recently won a WWE title, increasing their stats. Pack-Battle rewards will give you new card packs weekly with increasing rewards as you log in multiple times in a row. Lastly, support cards have been added to the game. Each deck now has three slots for support cards, one for the Manager Card and the other two for normal support cards that you can use before you Start a match.

For more info, you can check out the official WWE SuperCard site.

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