WWII strategy game Total Tank Generals coming out in March

WWII strategy game Total Tank Generals coming out in March

Great news for the fans of WWII games!Total Tank Generals from Polish developer Noobz and published by 505 Games is bringing the battlefield to you. Strategy game players, miniature games enthusiasts and tactical board game fans alike will adore this turn-based strategy game set during the Second World War.

The game features a historically rich experience with deep game mechanics, including terrain influence, different movements, combat styles and troop promotions. Players will need to learn the strengths and weaknesses of all their units to use their combat abilities to their advantage. During the many historical battles, it is crucial to strategize, carefully plan attacks and deploy the right troops to ensure victory over your adversary. Take on a commanding general role in the various historical campaigns of Rommel, Zhukov and Patton.

Having accessibility for everyone is important, therefore the game features a built-in game guide for newcomers to the strategy genre. Don’t let this deter veterans though, as the game will provide a great challenge for the most seasoned players. Even those who are more used to board and miniature games will find themselves in the resembling mechanics and the mindset required for winning battles.

Total Tank Generals will be released on PC through Steam on March 30th, 2023.

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