X-Morph: Defense demo now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

X-Morph: Defense demo now on Xbox One and PlayStation 4

The critically acclaimed EXOR Studios’ tower defense game X-Morph: Defense has got a demo version released on Xbox One and PlayStation 4.

In the game you play as an alien species invading the earth, mainly for its resources, named the X-Morph. As a strategic tower defense game says, you’ll be able to strategize your battles and of course be strategic during. There will be a huge amount of explosions followed by destruction. Tearing down buildings and bridges are just the start of an epic alien vs. humans battle with victory within reach.

There are tons of ways to strategize your game with a wide range of unique alien weapons.

To finish things off, the game is played mainly with the twin sticks. There will never be enough twin stick alien shooter tower defense games, obviously. So if you are still wondering whether or not you want to buy the game, go download that demo version!

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