X-Morph: Defense (Switch) – Review
Follow Genre: Tower Defense / Shooter
Developer: EXOR Studios
Publisher: EXOR Studios
Platforms: Switch, PC, Xbox One, PS4
Tested on: Switch

X-Morph: Defense (Switch) – Review

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At the end of August 2017, the developers over at EXOR Studios released a new game called ‘X-Morph: Defense’ for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Now, after 1,5 years, they finally brought the game to the Nintendo Switch. In X-Morph: Defense, it is your goal to harvest the resources of planet Earth as an alien life force. In order to do this, you will have to survive the forces of human civilization who are trying their best to stop you. So, are you interested in completely draining all the resources of planet Earth? Start reading and learn more about this new game.


In the story mode of X-Morph: Defense, you will be playing as an alien life force that is on its way to harvest cores on another planet, namely Earth. As expected, the human civilization will use its power and wide variation of vehicles such as tanks and jets in order to stop you and destroy your energy harvesting structure. To complete the story mode you will have to survive fourteen missions, with each of them getting harder with every wave.

The story mode offers a challenging yet fun experience and with every wave that passes, you will get motivated to survive the next one as well.


The game uses realistic 3D-graphics. Everything looks very detailed. You can really tell that the developers put in a lot of work to design the game. All the forces you will encounter or the turrets that you can deploy yourself, are perfectly executed. And if all of this wasn’t enough, they developed the game in a way that every building or structure you encounter can be destroyed in order to help you to beat the enemy.

While playing the game you won’t experience any lag or anything like that while literally flying to all the corners of the map. Combining all of these remarks together, you can almost say it’s a graphical masterpiece.


While playing the game you will hear music playing continuously which really fits with what you will encounter on your screen. When the gameplay gets more intense, the track will adjust to it and in-between waves it will be a bit calmer. Of course, these are not the only sound-effects that you will encounter. The things both your and your opponent’s general are saying are fully voiced and really match the gameplay. Your general sound like an alien while your opponent sounds like war veteran, whose only goal is to stop you. Now, combine the voices with the soundtrack of the game and a wide variation of sound-effects to it, such as nukes exploding or ships that are shooting and you’ll have a properly designed game.


X-Morph: Defense is a combination between a classic tower defense game and a shooter. With waves constantly coming in and the goal to destroy your energy harvesting structure, you will have to build turrets to destroy them or block to road, while giving air support with your battleship.

While playing the game, you can switch between ghost mode and fight mode. While being in ghost mode, you will have the ability to turn invisible while piloting your spaceship and to build new turrets to destroy the enemies that are coming in to destroy your base. When placing turrets in a certain range of each other, you can select the option to create a fence between them which will block the path of the incoming troops. When you do this, they have to take another way around your blockade which gives you more time to defend.

In fight mode you can give your turrets air support. This is done by flying around while shooting at the enemy forces. This all might sound very easy but the enemies can also attack your battleship. When it is damaged, you simply can fly out of the combat range and stay out of the fight for a while to recharge your life points. This recharging happens automatically when you’re out of combat range. During a wave, you can also use the ghost mode to your advantage to fly around and attack the enemy troops from a different angle.

After surviving a given amount of waves, there will be a boss fight. During said boss fight, an extremely powerful force will start making its way to your base. Where at certain points during the waves you can rely on your turrets, in this fight you have to give everything you got since it will be slightly harder to beat.

The game offers a fun and challenging gameplay in which you can really lose yourself while playing it.


X-Morph: Defense is a complete package that has everything you want: a challenging story, fantastic graphics, lovely sound effects and perfectly developed mechanics which give you a hybrid feeling between a tower defence and a shooter. The developers at EXOR Studios made a great decision with bringing this title to the Switch!

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X-Morph: Defense (Switch) - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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