Xbox Game Pass January games list

Xbox Game Pass January games list

For those that have the Game Pass will surely be in for a treat. Start the year right with three all-new games. First, there is Frostpunk: Console Edition, we reviewed this title for PlayStation 4 so you can have a good impression of this artic survival game. You can get your hands on Frostpunk tomorrow (January 9th).

The second game is Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet, in the virtual world of Gale Online you will create an avatar that you need and learn to use all kinds of weapons. You can play this game in co-op and PvP with the guns that are from your avatar. SAO also be released on January 9th.

Starting January 16th you can get your hands on a true classic fighting game. Tekken 7 will be available for all your arcade fighting needs.

To get some extra points there are a few quests from January 7th until February 2nd.

  • The Witcher 3 – 200 points
    • Complete two achievements in The Witcher 3.
  • Minecraft – 200 points
    • Complete two achievements in Minecraft.
  • ID@Xbox – 300 points
    • Complete three achievements in games from the ID@Xbox-collection.
  • Play new games – 100 points
    • Complete an achievement in one of the new games.
  • Play PC-games – 100 points
    • Complete one achievement on PC.
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