Xenotheria – Kickstarter campaign launches soon!

Xenotheria – Kickstarter campaign launches soon!

The story-driven deckbuilding RPG Xenotheria is coming to Kickstarter on November 16th, 2021! The campaign will offer players the chance to get the game at a discount and grab some cool rewards, including a physical statue of the main character: Squiggles. Sign-up is open now, and an early-bird promotional event will be live for the first 48 hours of the campaign, offering a 20% discount on the base version of the game. The Kickstarter campaign is being launched by the independent studio Ganymede Games.

Xenotheria takes place on Wolf Prime, a sprawling desert planet that’s home to the galaxy’s most important trading port. A seemingly ordinary day quickly turns chaotic after a mysterious, cataclysmic event, leading to a shower of spaceships, satellites, and orbital stations raining havoc down on the innocent souls of Wolf Prime. One of those souls is Squiggles, a hard-working, spaceship construction yard worker with a heart of gold. What starts as a fight for survival in the remains of a shipyard soon becomes an epic journey across Wolf Prime in a search for the truth behind the event. During his adventures, Squiggles will meet diverse and unique characters (some who will join him on his quest), explore handcrafted biomes, salvage once-orbiting ships for new gear, and solve thought-provoking puzzles to earn powerful new cards.

Gameplay in Xenotheria fuses isometric exploration (Divinity: Original Sin, Pathfinder) with highly customizable deckbuilding (Thronebreaker, Steamworld Quest), to create tactical engagements on top of deep story-telling. Xenotheria’s combat offers environmental advantages and disadvantages. The combination of deck management and grid-based movement provides players with everything they need to solve each battle on their terms.

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