Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro – Hardware Review
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Developer: Xiaomi
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Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Quality, Price
Bad: Some bloatware
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We often focus on gaming hardware, making sure our readers are up-to-date with the newest gaming peripherals, internal hardware, and of course the games you end up playing with these nice gadgets. Nonetheless, we also love talking about the newest smartphones and tablets. This time, we were given the chance to try out Xiaomi’s POCO X3 Pro device. This affordable device proved to be a fairly premium phone with a decent battery lifespan. While impressive in day-to-day usage, we of course also put it to the test when it came to games.


The POCO X3 Pro dons a very simple design. We have a sleek black phone, with hardly any accents or nuances that stand out. Outside of the protruding camera on the backside, this device is one solid-looking piece of hardware. We found the design quite classy, but nowadays there isn’t that much variety in phone design anymore, thus it properly fits in with the other brands.


In terms of comfort, there is not that much to see. The phone does not have too many bells and whistles, making sure things remain easy to work with. You’ll have your volume buttons on the right side, as well as the power button, which also serves as the fingerprint scanner. On the left side, you’ll have the SIM card slot.

The POCO X3 Pro’s screen is easy in terms of upkeep, as you can use a microfiber cloth to clean things quite easily. Sadly, the backside of the device is done with a matte and gridded coating, showing fingerprints a lot easier. The device, however, comes with a silicon case, making sure everything is well protected and easier to keep clean.


After a short setup, that also involved removing some bloatware and setting up a Mi account, we were good to go. The quick charger function made sure we were off to a great start, and with full battery power. Other than that, it was the typical process of linking a Google account to the device to then start accessing additional content. The overall process when smooth, quickly and we didn’t encounter any real issues. We were able to run several different processes in the background, without actually noticing any delays when using our active app.

With a battery of 5.160 mAh, you can prepare yourself for longer road trips or don’t have to worry to run out of battery when playing games in the waiting room, or just at home (probably on the toilet). When casually doing your day-to-day items, such as browsing, playing a small game now and then, and a few other normal tasks, the phone can easily last up to two days. Heavier games can drain more battery life, but it has actually been quite a while since we saw the battery percentage of a premium phone drop this slowly. While more expensive phones often come with better batteries, this one surprised us, as the phone is still very much in a mid-range price class.

The display is crystal clear and the FPS you get during heavier games remain quite consistent. We enjoyed trying out a lot of heavier games, and even during the longer downloads or the installation process we hardly lost any power on this device. We were quite impressed with the power that was hidden in this sleek dark device.

You’ll notice that the pictures you take with this device are also very crisp with its 48MP camera. As it also has a quad-camera (hence the protrusion on its backside), you have a lot of options to tamper with; be it an attempt at 3D pictures or some other creative projects. The selfie camera is 20MP, making sure those outdoor selfies look great.


While we may not always dig into every little spec of a smartphone, we can easily say that this device is an affordable steamroller for everyday usage or even heavier games. The Corning Gorilla Glass 6 made sure our screen was protected, but we did enjoy the fact that this device already has a transparent screen protector on it, as well as have a silicon case included as well. We honestly cannot find any big flaws in this design. True, some devices in the same price class may have a few items that perform better, but all across the board, this one is bringing home the gold in the mid-range level.

For a full list of the phone’s specs, click here.

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Xiaomi POCO X3 Pro - Hardware Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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