Yakuza 0 is now available on PS4

Yakuza 0 is now available on PS4

Aside from Resident Evil 7, Capcom has released another game called Yakuza 0. A prequel to the critically acclaimed series of Yakuza. Players will return to the fictional pink neighborhoods of Kamurocho, Sotenbori Tokyo and Osaka. They are a haven for avid young criminals to earn or hold huge piles of yen. For example by investing in real estate or beating up street scum, players build on the foundations of Kazuma Kiryu, the legendary hero of the series, and the nefarious Goro Majima.

In this game, you’re Kazuma Kiryu, the emerging Dragon of Dojima, and Goro Majima, before he became known as the Mad Dog of Shimano, while the two are fighting, rustling, flirting and dancing through the underworld of Japan. Kiryu’s story takes place between the neon lights of Kamurocho, Tokyo in December 1988. It tells the story of how he climbs higher and higher in the ranks of the Dojima-crime family until he’s blamed for a failed money pickup. Kiryu must use both brains and brawn to defend his honor and save the reputation of his father figure, Shintaro Kazama. Meanwhile Goro Majima runs a popular cabaret club in Osaka, but wants nothing more than to return to the yakuza clan that disowned him. Before that, he must complete a series of almost impossible tasks for his bosses – but how far is he willing to go for it?

The game features:

  • The origin of the dragon: Since a person’s future is determined by a large part of his past, we come to know a lot about Kiryu and the roads he walked in the Yakuza series. And of course you get the nickname “Dragon” only if you know how to let heads roll. It is now possible to exchange in an instant of fighting style in what has to be some of the fiercest fighting in the Yakuza series ever.
  • Play as ‘Mad Dog’: For the first time in a main part of the series, the former NPC Goro Majima is now a playable character. This most eccentric character in Yakuza has his own fighting style, skills and a love for shady deals. Play as Goro to gain new insight into his background.
  • The decadence of the eighties in Japan: The world of Yakuza 0 is all about money and you can find thousands of ways to earn or spend money. As a gangster you money out of the pockets of other gang members, or you can earn money the ‘fair way’ with the so-called Telephone Clubs, Dance Halls, and Pocket Circuit car racing.

In the coming weeks, Capcom will deliver a few patch updates automatically, to add a fair amount of free downloadable content for the game. Each charge consists of new content including outfits, weapons, items and craft components to allow players to give themselves a fresh, personal appearance and a fine advantage. The first DLC pack is already live, three additional batches are available every week until February 14th. These goodies can be obtained by talking to Bob the clown ingame. He’s standing at the temple in both Kamurocho and Sotenbori.

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