Yooka-Laylee showcases new characters

Yooka-Laylee showcases new characters

If you’re looking for a colorful platformer, don’t look any further. Team17 and Playtonic Games are making one that will blow your socks off, color-wise. In this new trailer, they’re showing off some of the characters you can expect, each with their specific characteristics.

  • Trowzer: Ever saw a serpent with paints? Well, you’ll be treated with a delighted sight. He claims to be the most skilled and renowned salesman, although this might not be the truth.
  • Dr. Puzz: Likes to experiment, although she encounters quite some technical issues. Nevertheless, she is still quite valuable for Yooka and Laylee.
  • Dr. Quack: Dr. Puzz and himself have a history together, but some bad decisions and experiments made him turn to the dark side.
  • Capital B: Teaming up with Dr. Quack to release a devious plan oninnocent books. They want to absorb every last one of them and take over the world.

If that isn’t enough, there is also a special guest starring in the game, but it might be best to watch the trailer to find out!

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