You Deserve – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Indie
Developer: TGA Company
Publisher: TGA Company
Platforms: PC, Mac
Tested on: PC

You Deserve – Review

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Bad: scariness relies on jump scares, mediocre voice acting, language errors
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You Deserve is TGA Company’s first game and it promises to be an intriguing horror game. It follows the story of Amy Cooper, a teenager that used to bully one of her classmates in school. However, the poor girl couldn’t handle it and now you’re trapped inside her world with nowhere to run. Follow Amy as she tries to escape from wherever the hell she woke up, alive.

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You Deserve tackles an issue that unfortunately happens a lot in today’s society: bullying. The story revolves around a group of teenagers that used to harass a fellow student from Raiven High School until the victim couldn’t take it anymore and committed suicide. However, now some of the students that used to bully this person are starting to disappear and find themselves in very weird situations.

You play as Amy Cooper, one of the popular kids from the group that used to bully one of your fellow students. One day, you wake up in a dark room and now you’re trying to escape, but your old victim isn’t done with you.

Overall, the story in You Deserve is just fine. It features some intriguing moments and some extra story elements and collectibles that can be found throughout the game. It does contain some grammar issues here and there, which is a shame, but it doesn’t really take a way from the core aspect of the game.

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Graphics wise, You deserve is kind of mediocre. Some textures look really cheap and some graphical glitches can occur as well. Graphical effects like fire or props don’t look their best either. The game also has horrible performance at times, dipping as low as 30 FPS on a fairly good setup, which is pretty disappointing for the aesthetics you get out of it.


The sound doesn’t get any better sadly enough. Most of the sound effects in the game are either very low quality or don’t fit with the game at all. Some sounds are louder than they’re supposed to be and others don’t fit the atmosphere of the game at all. The narrative of the game is also not the best, the voice actress obviously has a pretty thick accent. If the games’ setting was placed somewhere in a foreign country where English isn’t the main language, this wouldn’t have been that big of an issue.

In the background, some atmospheric music is played now and then, and it’s mostly okay. Unlike the sound effects, it fits with the game most of the time, except for some eerie music that is just put out there with no transition whatsoever from time to time.

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You Deserve is a first-person adventure horror game. You’ll play through the eyes and body of the main character as you try to solve puzzles and progress through the game. Keybinds are fairly straightforward, although some of them are quite clunky and non-intuitive. Picking up objects for example is right mouse button, while most gamers will use the go-to E button to use and pick up things.

The main objective of the game is just to find out where the hell you are and how to get out, alive. It begins very innocently with you waking up and being lost, but soon you start seeing images of a weird woman, and soon enough she starts hunting you. This is a perfect setting for a scary game, but sadly it wasn’t executed all that well. Most of the “scary” parts of the game rely on jump scares, where a creature will suddenly appear right in front of you and make a lot of sound, obviously startling the player. However, nothing really leads to this behavior, it’s very hard to predict whenever something is going to happen. Some people could call this a job well done, but there is not buildup whatsoever when something scary happens. There is the occasional dark room with a girl crying, but these types of events are so overused and not even worth the trouble anymore. Another thing is that the game is “best enjoyed” with “headphones at the maximum level”, even a door opening would startle anyone by that point…

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Anyway, the gameplay consists mostly of getting through obstacles. Whether it means finding keys for doors, finding ladders to get into a vent or finding power switches in order to turn on the lights. This is where most of the time is going to be spent, which can be kind of annoying. Sometimes, objects are hidden in very weird places, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but there’s usually no indication as to where you can find stuff. For example, a torch needs fuel, what? And its fuel is gasoline, without any spark or fire whatsoever, and this while there is a lit torch in the same room.


In conclusion we can say that You Deserve looked like any other generic indie horror game out there, and it turned out to be nothing more than that. The game is a pretty bad reflection of the horror genre, depending on jump scares to get the player startled and very well (and non-intuitively) hidden objects that you must find in order to progress. If you’re a sucker for indie horror games and can look past the bad English, mediocre reflection of the horror genre and elongated gameplay, be sure to give it a go, but for most gamers this just won’t be worth the money.

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You Deserve - Review, 2.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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