You Suck at Parking – Review
Follow Genre: Arcade
Developer: Happy Volcano
Publisher: Happy Volcano
Platform: PC, PS4, PS5, Switch, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S
Tested on: PC

You Suck at Parking – Review

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While ‘You Suck at Parking‘ might be something you have heard while getting your driver’s license, it is actually also a game that has been developed and published by Happy Volcano in 2022. The game has recently been updated for its second season, and we were curious to see how our parking skills would be when we were put to the test. This wacky title is available on all major platforms, and here’s what we think of it.


There is absolutely no story value to be found in You Suck at Parking. The game has different themed levels which you can play through, but there is nothing when it comes to an overarching plot. We didn’t mind the absence of a story in the game.


The low-poly style of You Suck at Parking is quite charming, and it immediately shows you what to expect from the game: lighthearted fun. You’ll have several different car models you can unlock, and you can further pimp your ride with different accessories, colors, and decals. The game also has a variety of different environments, ranging from typical cityscapes and the countryside to snowy planes and other more wacky stages.


The game’s soundtrack is serviceable, albeit not too memorable. The upbeat music does set the mood, but we doubt you’ll be paying a lot of attention to the background music as controlling your car will already require all your attention. The sound effects are a bit generic, but they do sound the part.


You Suck at Parking is a very simple arcade game in which you must control a small car and try to park it in the allotted parking spots. This is, of course, easier said than done, as you can only drive forward with your car, and you have very limited fuel. Add to this that each stage has a lot of hazards you must avoid or overcome, and you have yourself a fairly challenging little game.

In the game, you can either play through the single-player mode and beat all the available stages, or you can choose to play online and duke it out against other players. In both scenarios, you’ll have a limited time frame in which you have to either park in all parking spots or park in the highest number of parking spots in general. This gameplay formula is great for short sessions, and the rounds or stages are quite short.

The controls are very much like an arcade game, and you’ll have to try and master the very loose controls. When more and more hazards are thrown in the mix, then you’ll sometimes also have to rely a bit on luck to reach certain parking spots. All in all, even though you might fail over and over again, the game does motivate you to press on. We were able to unlock some additional customization options while pressing onwards, but sadly, the game also had a season pass system which you have to pay for. The season pass is mainly to unlock more cosmetic upgrades, and we do realize a game can use all the funding (and revenue) it can get, we can also understand players not being too happy with this formula. The latter is mainly because you already have to purchase the game, and then you have to pay extra to unlock all the items that are on offer.


You Suck at Parking is a fun little game to play in-between bigger titles. We were treated to fun and wacky arcade action, and we quite enjoyed playing offline to beat all the single-player stages before we tried our skills online. The title is easy to pick up and it never truly feels unfair, even when you have to keep trying to park your miniature vehicle. There is a learning curve present, but even with some luck, you’ll be able to beat your opponents from the moment you start playing online. We only regret the inclusion of microtransactions in an otherwise simple and fun title.

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Rating: 8.0/10 (1 vote cast)
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You Suck at Parking - Review, 8.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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