YUMENIKKI – DREAM DIARY- – Explore the different dream worlds

YUMENIKKI – DREAM DIARY-  – Explore the different dream worlds

A reimagining from Yume Nikki has been released today! YUMENIKKI – DREAM DIARY- uses elements and styles of modern indie games and is a total reimagining from the original.  The game also features a collaboration with Ao Oni.

YUMENIKKI – DREAM DIARY- follows Madotsuki, a girl, who’s able to travel to the dream world just by sleeping in her bed.  She can travel to, and explore various dream worlds by opening doors that appear in front of her.

Take a break from the game with Super NASU an in-game game recreated from the popular NASU in the original Yume Nikki.

YUMENIKKI -DREAM DIARY- is now available and players that purchase the game between 23 and 31 February 2018 will receive three different wallpapers from the game for PC for free.

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