Zach, it looks like we have a new trailer

Zach, it looks like we have a new trailer

Deadly Premonition is by far one of the weirdest games of this generation, its a love letter to the cult classic TV show Twin Peaks while still ultimately feeling uniquely like its own thing. Originally the game was an Xbox 360 exclusive in Europe and America with a PS3 version only being released in Japan, the game was distributed under the Xbox 360 budget label for $19.99 upon release. Deadly Premonition is coming to the PS3 for the first time in North America and Europe with the brand new Deadly Premonition: Director’s Cut version of the game.

The new version of the game will include updated controls, better visuals, Move support, DLC, and additional scenarios not included in the game along with various other improvements to the main game.

The original Deadly Premonition was knocked for bad combat controls, and sub-par visuals but managed to endear the audience with its characters, story, and world. The Director’s Cut hopes to keep all those things that made the game a cult hit while also fixing the problems many gamers had with the game.

The PS3 exclusive Director’s Cut is set to release April 26th in Europe and April 30th in North America, isn’t that right Zach?

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