Zarvot debuts exclusive on Nintendo Switch

Zarvot debuts exclusive on Nintendo Switch

If you ever wanted to play a game about cubes you should rejoice as the quicky arcade shooter Zarvot is debuting on the Nintendo Switch eShop on the 18th of October. Zarvot is a fun, quick-paced game about cubes that have a love-hate relationship with each other, just like you and your friends when you will play it!

Zarvot features ultra-responsive controls and is rendered at a silky smooth 60fps. It includes five competitive multiplayer modes ranging from classic Deathmatch to a sushi collecting scramble to the Switch-exclusive Joy-Vot, a game mode where one player spawns enemies to fight their friends. Each match takes place in a fully destructible arena in which players can destroy walls whilst blitzing around or shooting like a mad man. The deathly hazards and moody weather effects will take a toll on your evading and double-jumping skills but who knows, you might get lucky as you spin into an opponent.

Additionally, Zarvot comes with a story-driven single-player campaign in which players take the role of cube Charcoal, venturing the world with friend Mustard, in search of the perfect way to cheer up their friend on their birthday. The heartwarming journey takes place in nine different zones and features fully realized dioramas of an abstract world. The comical and cosmopolitan cubes are very much like us as they visit flower shops, ride the subway and sleep in their own beds.

“With Zarvot, I wanted to make a game that captures both the joy and malice of competing with your friends; something that’s simultaneously light and breezy, but also chaotic and cathartic,” said Snowhydra Games founder Sam Eng. “Zarvot celebrates both ends of the spectrum, merging its pleasantly tactile aesthetic and sweet characters with savage arcade action. I can’t wait for players to check it out!”

Check out the trailer below and tell us what you think of this adorable yet brutal game.

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