Zarvot – Now on the Switch!

Zarvot – Now on the Switch!

A new game has been released for the Nintendo Switch today. The frantic arcade shooter Zarvot joins the Nintendo Switch’s big selection of games.

Zarvot features cubes which are cute but also incredibly destructive. They can shoot, evade, double jump and spin into opponents with a fury unseen for cubes. There are five competitive multiplayer modes from a classic Deathmatch to a sushi collecting scramble. The Nintendo Switch version also includes the exclusive Joy-Vot where one player tries to beat all the other players. Zarvot also features a story-driven single-player campaign. Where you follow the cube Charcoal who goes on a journey together with their pal Mustard. This story will make you feel things you never thought you would feel for cubes. Snowhydra took inanimate objects and turned them into animated characters that feel real emotions.

“Zarvot is the epitome of arcade action, with its simple, accessible controls paving the way for hidden depth,” said Snowhydra Games founder Sam Eng. “It’s simultaneously quirky and upbeat, while also savage and surreal, with its playful world of basic shapes. Whether you’re tackling its story campaign or duking it out with your friends in multiplayer, Zarvot is a blast!”

Zarvot is now available in the Nintendo eShop.


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