ZILF soundtrack added to Chained Echoes

ZILF soundtrack added to Chained Echoes

Today, publisher Deck13, Matthias Linda, the developer of Chained Echoes and ZILF have announced a partnership. When Chained Echoes releases, it will feature a song by the British mathcore band ZILF that’ll really generate some noise.

The development of Chained Echoes is coming along well and more news is sure to be dropped throughout 2021. Chained echoes will also feature minigames, including a Turtle Race. This race will feature the abovementioned song by ZILF that is exclusively written for Chained Echoes and it is said to offer fifteen seconds of pure headbanger-awesomeness.

Aside from these minigames, Chained Echoes will feature fast-paced turn-based battles, overworld enemies, a complex skill and equipment system, your personal Mech and an airship that can be customized to your own wishes.

The full song has been revealed with a short gameplay trailer that can be checked out below.

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