Zo maak je fortuin in juni 1940 – Comic Book Review
Follow Genre: War, Action, Adventure
Written by: Xavier Dorison, Fabien Nury
Illustrations: Laurent Astier
Coloring: Laurence Croix
Publisher: Casterman

Zo maak je fortuin in juni 1940 – Comic Book Review

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June 1940, the Nazis were right at France’s doorstep, waiting to add the country to their collection of trophies. While France was prepared for the invasion, they oversaw one small thing, namely they forgot to ensure the safety of two tons of gold bars. Thus now, one of the most chaotic periods in time, the national bank called in several security guards in order to extract the gold and store it safely abroad. Even though many French citizens were fleeing the country, others were plotting to liberate the gold to be stashed away safely in their own pockets.


When originally the bank personnel decided to call in their four security guards, one claimed to be sick, while it was clear that he was planning to flee the country. When the bank official states what he is supposed to protect, Labeyrie has a miraculous recovery and practically volunteers to do his ‘duty’. Of course Labeyrie has a plan to protect the gold in his own stash. Nonetheless, to accomplish his mission he will need some extra hired muscle to help him, especially seeing he is one of the biggest cowards known to mankind. Labeyrie decides to contact one of his old associates, Franck, an ex-boxer who has a knack for going down in the ring, rather than beating his opponent. While Franck is seemingly not a bad guy, he is enthralled by the idea of ‘liberating’ two tons of gold.

Franck in turn contacts Sambio, a local mobster and Kurtz, a German acquaintance. Sambio still has an issue to resolve, in order to rise the ranks and become the head honcho. Kurtz is needed for his truck, which he gladly contributes to the good cause of becoming rich quickly. Last but not least, Ninon, the daughter of an ex-burglar joins the troupe, making them ready for business. Now it’s a matter of devising a ploy to overpower the other security guards, gain control over their vehicle, crack the safe and flee towards their potential buyer. All of this is already hard enough, but little did they know that German prowlers are nearby.

Overall the pace of this one is rather slow, but steady enough to keep you interested in what is going on. You’ll be treated to a story about war, chaos and those who seek to benefit from the overall down spiraling situation, hoping to get rich quickly. Xavier Dorison and Fabien Nury collaborate well for a story that’s about teamwork and fortune seeking. Things stay intriguing throughout the entire album, with a decent amount of surprising twists and turns all the way to the end.

Laurent Astier is in charge of the drawings, and just like the time frame the story finds itself in, the illustrations have a very old school look. While this look is often not that detailed, it suits the overall atmosphere of the novel quite well, especially with the rather stiff coloring Laurence Croix implemented.


Zo maak je fortuin in juni 1940 is a great ‘robbery’ story, with very appealing characters. Not only do the old school illustrations go hand in hand with the story, the thickness of the album will make sure you’ll be able to pass some time with a rather exciting story that does not only revolve around those who desperately seek to gain riches, but also about people who were brought together by fate.

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Zo maak je fortuin in juni 1940 - Comic Book Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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