Zombie Cure Lab – Play the game to contribute to cancer research!

Zombie Cure Lab – Play the game to contribute to cancer research!

The upcoming zombie treatment lab builder Zombie Cure Lab will give players a way to contribute to real-life cancer research: you can contribute by simply playing the game when it launches in Steam Early Access for PC on Wednesday, Dec. 7, 2022! Zombie Cure Lab is developed by Thera Bytes and published by Aerosoft.

Through a partnership with University Hospital Erlangen and the University of Rostock, Zombie Cure Lab allows players to treat the undead in-game while contributing computing power to unlocking a cure for Uveal Melanoma, a high-mortality cancer with about 1,700 new cases per year in the United States alone. Meet global goals to unlock in-game rewards!

While contributing to the search for a cure, save the in-game world from a zombie apocalypse by curing, not killing, the undead! Build a home base and research the latest in zombie-capturing technology. Detain brain hungry attackers by night and convert them into your cheerful workforce by day. Stock up your kitchen and provide sleeping accommodations to keep the human-zombie hybrids from going back to their old, flesh-eating habits. Unlock more advanced items and research tiers to restore humanity and reverse the apocalypse!

How do you contribute to research while playing the game? It’s simple: while playing Zombie Cure Lab, players can enable a piece of background software called Docking Hero. If enabled, Docking Hero simulates protein-ligand docking—how different drugs bond with receptors in the human body—in search of positive interactions. When enabled, Docking Hero runs simulations quietly without impacting gameplay. To learn more about Docking Hero, University Hospital Erlangen and the University of Rostock, head to the official Docking Hero website. Unlock exclusive loot in Zombie Cure Lab when global computation goals are met, such as new missions, lab decorations, zombie-catching technology, and more!

Visit the official website of Zombie Cure Lab for more information about the game!

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