Zombie Grenades Practice – Review
Follow Genre: Action, Adventure, strategy
Developer: ARVI LLC
Publisher: AGA ad Media LLP
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Zombie Grenades Practice – Review

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Zombies and Virtual Reality go hand in hand like beer and burgers on a hot summer night. That’s probably why there are so many games involving the dead, which is perfectly explained because killing zombies is one of our favorite pastimes. In Zombie Grenades Practice you get to experience how it is throwing various objects at our brain-eating friends. In this arcade puzzle-styled manner you must destroy the horde and save the good soldiers from a slow and horrible death.


It is the apocalypse, humanity is just a glimpse of its former self and the military has been deployed to clean up the mess, but this is where it went down quickly. Luckily the corps has one specialist on the force that doesn’t need guns to survive. You are an aced grenadier that prefers mobile explosive devices to wipe the plague out. Since the game is a puzzler there is barely any story or background, as there is no story progression. It would have been very cool to incorporate a story to keep you hooked. Does it hurt the gameplay at all? It doesn’t, but it remains a mystery why to use only grenades and nothing more efficient.


The first thing you notice is that the game just looks beautiful. There is fine detail done to the weapons and environments, maps have this scary vibe to them and while you are perfectly safe, you don’t feel that way. Zombies have various models and even the lighting is optimized to bring greater immersion. Even on lower settings everything looks nice, but when maxing out its graphical capabilities there are some issues involved. Zombie Grenades Practice suffers from some horrendous optimization problems. You can try this game on a monster of a setup and still gets performance issues. If these are fixed you may enjoy the game in its full glory, but for now it is better to wait for a patch.


To set the mood right there is no background music. This makes some levels more upsetting than others, talking about creating atmosphere without having to do a thing. To bring you the horror right up and personal the zombies have these intimidating moans. What makes the whole experience turn from horror to arcade are the looser sound effects, this reminds the player that it still is a puzzle game. Sounds coming from the grenades and events are crisp and correct, aiding in the immersion to the whole concept.


Zombie Grenades Practice is a puzzle game in where the player must eliminate every undead in the level to proceed. To give you something to work for there are stars to be obtained in each scenario, these are handed out based on performance. After a few introduction sessions in where you get taught how to use the grenades you are free to destroy each and every zombie. Your classic military issue fragmentation device is simple, pull the pin and throw or switch hands and cook them to shorten the timer. Later on you will have various explosives to play around with such as impact grenades that detonate when they hit something and bricks that, well, releases the inner hooligan. It might not be the most efficient way to take out zombies with these construction materials, they are preferably used to interact with environmental objects. By triggering these events you can let the map do the work by activating a fan to shred them to pieces or let a train come through. Choo choo!

Naturally as in most games you aren’t the sole survivor of it all, on rare occasions you will see your co-workers in trouble as they are under attack by the brain eaters. What is a bit of a letdown is that there is no indicator of how much time you have to save them. Both humans and zombies will stand there silent and won’t interact until you suddenly see your fellow soldier just drop dead.

The game’s controls are very simple as you move around by combining teleportation via the controller and by walking around physically in your room. Interaction with items from your inventory slot right in front of you just works greatly without any hassle. Some puzzles are very hard and will require some setting up or much luck and retries, this makes the game feel random at times. These difficulty spikes can be frustrating but solutions are there to be found.


Zombies Grenade Practice is a fun little variation to all the zombie games out there. While throwing stuff is a very fun activity to do in VR, not so many games are focused on this. That’s where this little puzzle title comes in to play. There might be some performance issues surrounding graphical capabilities but once these gremlins are gone this gem of a title will keep your brains and arms trained for an upcoming zombie apocalypse.

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