Zombotron – Review
Follow Genre: Adventure, Arcade, Shooter
Developer: Ant. Karlov
Publisher: Armor Games
Platform: PC
Tested on: PC

Zombotron – Review

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Zombotron might be that game that gets lost in the wide range of zombie shooters, which is sad because this surely is a little gem in the collection. What many people don’t know is that Zombotron is a Flash games series and already has three previous titles. Because of its initial success, Armor Games decided to create a retail version. Thanks to its strong overall performance and lower price range, you won’t have any excuse to pass on this title. Killing zombies in a brutal and funny way? It’s like a 2D dream!


Blaze Fury is the name, kicking ass is my fame. Our hero can be best described as your typical 80s action movie hero and although he dropped the one-liners, he kept the charisma. He and his robot Ash respond to a distress call on a distant planet. Once they get there, they find the area infested with zombie-like creatures. The deeper they search, the more they uncover about the ruins and the people still trapped in this living nightmare. As it turns out, the village was once inhabited by tribes but due to a certain event they all mutated into abominations. The story flows perfectly and keeps a tight grip on you, since you want to know what is going on and what will happen next. You have to keep playing to uncover all the dark secrets.


Zombotron is a game that has been made in a 2D environment with hand-drawn graphics. These visuals are stunning and the locations are so rich that it is a pleasure to explore. Characters are very well-made and have many customization options. All the characters are fully animated and there can be details found within the smallest places (and yes, there are a few graphical errors but let’s not nitpick about it). Fire animations and explosions will scare you because they inflict as much damage as they are spectacular to watch. The creepier approach means that places are rather dark and this is visualized with perfection.


The music in Zombotron is mesmerizing. On normal moments it is this very calm and pleasant tune to listen to, but it can switch to combat music when engaging enemies. Transitions between the two are so smooth that you won’t even notice the change in pace. Sound effects are also good but there are no narrated parts, which is a bit sad but not really something that is missed.


Zombotron is a side scrolling shooter with RPG elements that will have you hooked for quite some time. The essentials are simple; you are Blaze Fury, a mercenary that responds to a distress call on a distant planet. You and your robot Ash decide to go there and check it out. Blaze will be hesitant at first, but after splitting some heads, you will notice that his balls are dropping, and you are ready to wipe the monsters from existence. One of the first things to notice are the very simple controls, only a few buttons are needed, so the game plays very easy with the keyboard and mouse combination. Zombotron originally being a flash game gives you a nostalgic feeling while playing it and the controls just feel natural. This makes the game easy to pick up and play but there is somewhat of a difficulty attached to it. Zombotron is a game that will make you feel golden in the beginning. You are mowing down zombies and until the moment you take damage, it is like you are the Terminator. However, once you get hit a few times, it all ends there. Blaze isn’t a tank and will need to find better equipment to survive. While searching the ruins of a lost civilization, you can find the remains of previous dwellers or inhabitants and might get some juicy loot in the progress. The game allows for various armors and weapons to be equipped, which are all visible and will make you look cooler as well. Most of these items are found in secret rooms discovered while exploring the creepy depths.

Because the game has RPG elements, you get to level up your character and you can increase strength, dexterity or vitality. Making your character stronger is essential if you want to make it out alive. As you quickly take damage from each little hit and explosions might end your run sooner rather than later, you better watch your surroundings. It seems that the environment has left many traps for you to utilize against your undead foes. These zombies are mutated tribal inhabitants of the planet. Each of them possesses unique powers and has a different approach towards disposal. Some may use shields, other may used ranged but remember to always aim for the head.


Zombotron is a game that came a long way from being a Flash game in a browser to a full-fledged Steam release. It has a lot to offer from good graphics to amazing sound effects, making it a fun title to pick up and play. The gameplay is very inviting, but the difficulty will have you stay on edge through the many dangerous zones of the abandoned planet. Find out what is going on and who used the distress call, all while gathering new gear and blowing up zombies, fun guaranteed!

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Rating: 9.3/10 (3 votes cast)
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Zombotron - Review, 9.3 out of 10 based on 3 ratings

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