Angry Birds Toons: Season 3, Volume 2 (DVD) – Series Review
Follow Genre: Comedy, Animation
Distributor: Sony Pictures Home Entertainment
Episodes: 13
Duration: 35 minutes

Angry Birds Toons: Season 3, Volume 2 (DVD) – Series Review

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It hasn’t been that long since we gave you our thoughts on the first volume of season 3 of Angry Birds Toons, and here we are already with our review of volume 2. Again, we get treated to about 35 minutes of gags, with the Angry Birds in the lead, even though it’s fair to say that in this volume, the Pigs definitely steal the show.

Angry Birds Toons season 3

Not much has changed in the Angry Birds universe since the last volume. The Pigs are still trying to steal the Birds’ eggs, and King Pig hasn’t got any smarter either since the last time he made an appearance. In this volume of season 3, most of the gags seem to revolve around the Pigs, rather than the Birds, while some gags involve both Pigs and Birds. While in the previous volume of season 3, there was a clear theme to be noticed, this volume doesn’t really have an ongoing theme, but consists out of several individual gags. This may have something to do with the fact that volume one was released around Halloween, which is reason enough to dress up like your favorite character of course.

It may be a bit strange to see most gags revolving around the Pigs rather than the Birds, but it doesn’t mean they are any less funny. Often the gags are based upon the fact that many of the Pigs, and in particular their king, are rather stupid, which is quite an easy starting point for each gag, but they keep being quite original, so why change a good thing? What is quite a sad thing to see though, is that there are only thirteen gags to be found on this release. Since they all last less than three minutes, you’ll quickly be through them all if you want to watch more than one at a time. it might have been a good idea to release each season all at once, instead of the separate volumes we get now.

Angry Birds Season 3 King of the Ring

Again, we get treated to the same kinds of extras we’ve seen on the previous releases of the Angry Birds Toons. There is The Bird Hour with Ted Robinson, The Day of a Microphone, The Day of a Trash Can, and some character reels, where you can see how the different characters were implemented in the series of gags you just saw. In short, the extras were quite what we could have expected, but fun enough nonetheless to keep you busy for another ten minutes.


Angry Birds Toons: Season 3, Volume 2 presents you with gags that are funny for both young and old. Simple as they may be, they manage to keep being entertaining, even after watching several in a row. It’s definitely a nice pastime for your children. The only real downside to this release is that there is only a limited amount of gags to be enjoyed. Other than that, you’ll surely get your money’s worth.

Angry Birds Season 3 Eggshaustion

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Angry Birds Toons: Season 3, Volume 2 (DVD) – Series Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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