AVICII Invector – Review
Follow Genre: Music Rhythm
Developer: Hello There Games
Publisher: Wired Productions
Platforms: PS4, Xbox One, Switch, PC
Tested on: PC

AVICII Invector – Review

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Some people leave this world too soon and AVICII is one of them. Tim Bergling didn’t only leave behind his friends and family, but loads of fans as well. To honor their son, AVICII’s parents created the Tim Bergling Foundation to increase awareness about suicide and to support a plethora of good causes. In 2015, AVICII started to work together with Hello There Games to fuse his music with games. After his death, the game was finished both as a tribute to his music and as a way to raise funds. Now, you can dive into an intergalactic setting while enjoying the tunes of AVICII’s greatest hits.


Although it is harder to implement a story in a music rhythm game, the developers did their best to provide at least something of a background. In-between levels, you can see short cutscenes with a girl and her trusty spaceship, and some of the shenanigans she does while traversing the galaxy. If you’re not a fan of these kinds of things, you can always skip them and dive straight into the action.


The game will take you on a rather magical trip right in the middle of the galaxy, where you have to just follow the stream and let yourself go into the rhythm. The different worlds you can discover all have their own specific traits but the general feeling is the same: everything matches so well together and fits the music. The several cues on the road are nicely marked and change depending on the type of input you’re using (keyboard vs controller).

Next to the clean and dreamy graphics of the gameplay, the cutscenes are different in style. It has the same kind of vibe but instead of having 3D visuals, everything is shown in a 2D setting and a more comical style.


As expected, the music is the biggest asset of the game as you’re taken on a journey through the different songs of AVICII. There are some quieter sound effects added too, linked to the buttons you have to press whenever a cue is on the screen. It’s subtle but it’s nice auditive feedback you get as you can hear you were offbeat or not. Globally seen, the game doesn’t really have that much to offer effect-wise but the combination with the music makes it just perfect as the focus is on the tracks.


AVICII Invector is a music rhythm game where you travel on intergalactic routes while enjoying the music of Tim Bergling. There are three difficulties for you to discover, making the game accessible for all gamers, regardless of skills.

The purpose of each level is to get to the end while getting as much of the prompts right. On the easy level, there are only one or two buttons that are added to the mix, while you also have to have a finger ready for the strums. Going harder means that there are more buttons for you to press and also more cues in general.

Getting streaks means that you will get more points, but also that the speed of your spaceship will increase. This makes things quite interesting if you’re new to this genre as you have to react faster. Don’t worry though, if you make a mistake once, the speed is dropped but you can get back to full throttle after a few cues. Making more mistakes during this time will drop the speed completely and you need to start from scratch again. If you want even more speed, you can also use a boost when your meter is full. Be prepared though, as it packs quite a punch.

At the beginning of the game, you get some calibration and a fun run where you can already have a go at the controls. Afterward, you have to pass all four songs before being able to go to the next world. In total there are 25 songs you can discover if you’re able to pass the quota that is.

Next to the single-player mode, you can also have friends over and tackle the game with up to four people in a split-screen co-op mode. Gameplay-wise, this is all that the game has to offer and in a way, it would have been nice if there were a bit more customization possibilities.


AVICII Invector is a nice tribute and takes you on a journey through 25 songs while you have to try and hit all the cues that are thrown at you. Having three difficulties and the co-op option are nice features but it would have been nice if there was something else, something that would keep you hooked. The graphics and sound certainly work together well and makes everything that more special. Price-wise, it might be a bit on the high side but you’ll be helping the Tim Bergling Foundation and honoring the thought of the young artist.

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AVICII Invector - Review, 7.0 out of 10 based on 4 ratings

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