2020: Trends in the Online Casino Industry

2020: Trends in the Online Casino Industry

In recent years, online casinos have been infused with innovations that have immensely improved user experience. Some of the motivations behind these changes include the need to have instant access to high-quality games. As technology continues to advance, online casinos also see certain improvements. Here we discuss online casinos and slot games trends to look out for in 2020.

Live Casino Games

Live casinos are not a recent invention; however, this trend has seen amazing improvements in recent years. Live games are not only making a buzz because of the games but because they create a space for social interaction among players and of course the convenience that comes along with them. In 2020, live games are expected to take a huge leap and include amazing features that will better serve players who enjoy playing casino games in real-time.

Reel spinning becoming optional

There is no doubt slots are doing tremendously well in the casino industry, however, they can make use some new positive tweaks. One of the expected changes is reel-spinning becoming optional. Research suggests that spinning reels appeals more to older players, while young players can have fun without the reels. As this fact has created a divide between the target audiences, slot developers are beginning to get creative by adding exciting features such as puzzle games, video game-based mechanics and matching games. This is to create more choices other than the traditional options and provide more outcomes.


Online casinos have made a shift from being the simplified domains players log onto and instantly start gaming. Certain features such as gamification have transformed the entire casino experience into a game within a game. The idea behind this is to encourage players to play more as there are rewards and incentives to discover.

Gamification presents both players and casinos with the opportunity to benefit. Players can climb leaderboards, gain bonuses and cash prizes. Many Slot games online are beginning to adopt gamification. Players can win more when they play at these casinos Other casinos that are yet to list gamification are likely to join the trend in 2020.

Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is already a thing in the world of online gambling but there are still more improvements that can be made to this trend. Virtual Reality allows punters to enjoy a more immersive gaming experience and igame developers are working on more VR friendly games and casino interfaces. Players can expect to see more VR-based games and experience the thrill of playing VR 3D slots.

Mobile-focused Design

In the past few years, game developers have outdone themselves by creating more mobile-friendly games, since more players are opting to play on their mobile devices. This year will most likely see a surge in the quantity and quality of mobile-focused web versions of slot games.

Alternative payment method

Alternative payment methods such as cryptocurrency have become more popular in the online gambling industry. Most online casinos now accept this method of payment and it is expected to even become more popular this year. The purpose remains the same, more security and safety for gamblers and the luxury of anonymity.

Skill-based games

Skill-based games are the first types of casino games to exist. Even though it seems like these games are likely to be outdated, they are set to become trendy once more in the online gambling industry. Skilled-based games allow players to win more by practising and improving their skills.

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