2D souls-like Watcher Chronicles is coming to Steam

2D souls-like Watcher Chronicles is coming to Steam

It’s been 4 years of grinding, and now, Third Sphere Game Studios can finally announce that their 2D souls-like action-RPG Watcher Chronicles will be releasing on Steam this January 19th!

Evil is ruling over Purgatory, making it the new Hell for lost souls who wander in search of expiatory purification. It’s time for you to step up and be the hero Purgatory has never seen before. Slice and persevere through the wretched abyss, combat hordes of grisly enemies and more than 20 merciless bosses to hinder their plans. Death doesn’t even faze you anymore after a certain point. It will only become a minor inconvenience.

Key features

  • Dodge, block, and slice your way through enemies in a challenging souls-like skill-based combat!
  • Explore every crack of large interconnected purgatorial realm filled with secrets and game-changing loot in a non-linear fashion.
  • Take on the entire game in local co-op with a friend! Play online with full native Steam remote play together support.
  • Use powerful magic to incinerate enemies with waves of fire, lightning, and void or summon the horde with necromancy.
  • Discover and master unique weapons with different move sets that completely change up the gameplay.
  • Upgrade your hero to match your play style and build out your own unique character class. Discover 100+ upgradable armor, weapons, and rings to specialize your build.
  • Battle over 20+ finely tuned and challenging bosses that require careful planning and significant skill to take down.
  • Keep your gear when finishing the game and continue the journey with increasingly harder difficulties in a New Game Plus.

Watcher Chronicles will be released on Steam this January 19th. You can get a discount of 20% during the first week of its launch. You can also buy the soundtrack separately.

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