3 Essential Types of QR Codes Based on Their Uses

3 Essential Types of QR Codes Based on Their Uses

A QR code is one of the most important tools in an online marketer’s toolkit. Based on the area of application, there are different QR code types, which can be used for almost everything ranging from conducting customer research to increasing traffic. This article discusses three main types of QR codes based on their uses and the best QR code scanner for each one of them. Read on to discover more.

QR Codes that Link to Website Pages

A QR code that contains a URL directs people to a certain site when scanned using a mobile device. This is usually known as a URL QR code and has proven helpful in promoting a site and increasing traffic.

While customers can use the link to access your website, you can use it to track the number of visitors from different sources. You’ll be able to accomplish all these tasks with just a single QR code scan. By tracking traffic, you can be able to know where most of your viewers come from and enhance your marketing efforts accordingly.

QR Codes that Link to Contact Information

You can use a QR code to easily and quickly pass your contact information to individuals you meet at networking events or social media platforms. By scanning the code using their mobile devices, they’ll be directed to a page where they can view contact information which they can use to contact you. This is a perfect way to ensure that potential customers have easy access to your contact information. It also allows you to remain competitive in the market.

QR Codes that Link to Bonuses

Another perfect way to use QR codes to enhance your marketing strategy is by linking them to the bonuses and coupons you offer. If you include a QR code on every piece of your marketing campaign, you can track the number of people interacting with your brand.

You can use this information to adjust the marketing strategy and make sure that you’re getting enough out of your efforts. Most businesses use QR codes to create loyalty or VIP programs. Consumers can scan a unique QR code to get discounts and collect points which they redeem for rewards and bonuses. This is a perfect way to keep customers coming back for more.

If you want to boost your marketing strategy and increase your website traffic while at the same providing your customers with useful information with a single scan, QR codes are the best way to go.

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