3 important tips for ecom business owners for 2022

3 important tips for ecom business owners for 2022

Where are you in your e-commerce adventure? Maybe you just launched a nice online store to sell your swimwear, or you already have a strong customer database and are looking for new employees to handle all the orders. Whatever your situation, e-commerce marketing is a crucial point that should not be overlooked, especially during these uncertain times that we live in today.

The question is: how do you take a step back to analyze your marketing strategy? Are you doing everything right, or can you have other marketing campaigns in place to bring in new customers? E-commerce marketing is a delicate subject, because it is difficult to find all the good advice in one place. But you’re in luck because I’ve done the job of guiding you to success by providing you with the perfect to-do-list for you to hang on your wall and check off when one or more of the tasks are done.

Create a content marketing strategy before you start

Nothing good begins without building a plan. Just like a movie studio that goes through a pre-production process, an E-commerce business needs a content marketing strategy. Make a list of everything you think you will do to reach your customers, it could be a blog, videos or newsletters. Track and verify these points in your strategy weekly or monthly, then assess how the content creation and distribution process is performing. It’s important to dominate with the content strategy on all social platforms like Facebook, Twitch, etc. If you’re going to focus on Twitch, then StreamOZ is the best company to get help.

Generate an automated email marketing campaign

Email marketing is the foundation of an effective strategy of e-commerce marketing, because it is still one of the best methods to influence your customers and convince them to buy more. Impossible today to have an online business without having recourse to emails! From order confirmation email to newsletters, they are indeed essential for the management and growth of your business. Use email campaigns to stay in touch with your customers, send them useful information and sell your products.

Diversify your content on other platforms

Social media is always a headache for e-commerce companies as they always struggle to know which platform works best for their market. There is a simple solution to this. Diversify, and possibly stop the platform that works the least. But above all, observe your competition and see which platforms they use and where users interact the most. It’s like investing in the stock market. You widen the risk and realize which option saves you the most money. Create Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest and Instagram pages. Distribute your content through these media, and use social media analytics tools like Hootsuite for example, to understand which ones work best. Even if one works better than the other, spreading your presence on social media empowers your customers to connect with you. Who knows? You might have 100 Facebook followers, but one of them can become your customer. If you opt out of Facebook, you run the risk of losing that person.

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