3 Smart Ways Big Brands Use Celebrity Instagram to Make Some Cool Bucks

3 Smart Ways Big Brands Use Celebrity Instagram to Make Some Cool Bucks

When you have an online business, your goal is to build user engagement so that so you can turn your loyal followers into paying customers. Then, how do you ensure social media conversions on Instagram? When it comes to this photo-sharing platform, followers and influencer marketing matter much to take your branding to the next level. Celebs on Instagram have millions of followers, and people look up these profiles to see photos and videos to figure out what is happening in their screen and personal lives. That is the reason why big brands use celebs on IG to reach out to customers by shelling out money to share images and videos of their products on celebrity Instagram pages.

According to an article published in Entrepreneur, the best way to increase Instagram followers each month is by making the most of shoutouts. The ultimate aim is to collaborate with as many influencers to promote your Instagram content and products.

In this article, we will walk you through how brands use celebrity Instagram to make some good money. Read on to learn more.

1.  Looking for the right celeb

Businesses use celebrities on Instagram but that does not mean any celeb image is right for their branding. You need to choose the right celeb on Instagram, who will amplify your business message and not distract followers from the same. The celebrity endorsing your product should look natural in all social media campaigns and naturally fit into the brand message. The message must not look like a forced ad and the celebrity is supporting the product just because he or she is being paid for it.

You have heard about Bellami Hair, the brand that uses gorgeous celebrity faces to serve as walking billboard ads for their products, which are hair extensions. Did you know that Bellami Hair has 38 million followers on Instagram?

Today, working millennial women love her status, look, and like to mimic the personality that she emanates. Usually, women do not like to pull off green or blue hair. However, when a pretty celeb like Kylie Jenner, American model, media personality, entrepreneur, and socialite, does the same and demonstrates how she pulls off green hair, imitation and interest are bound to follow.

Bellami Hair knows this process and therefore works with Kylie, making her the brand ambassador. That is because she has a significant influence on the targeted customers. Your business can make the most out of celebrity influence to buy likes on Instagram.

2.  Do not just tell the audience about product benefits – prove to them

The renowned brand understands how this strategy works, as it has helped them to grow their business to a considerable extent. Celebs have Instagram photos shared and most of the time they look stunning on social media. The one special thing that makes celeb photos look great is their beautiful smile highlighting their sparkling white teeth.

When brands use celebrities to endorse their products on Instagram, they advertise the items with a charming smile, showing off their gleaming teeth. It means the brand’s product is beamed upon celebrity teeth. When it comes to a teeth whitening product, a celeb’s photo or video on Instagram with sparkling whites make the product appealing to prospective customers. It’s called infectious marketing, as it helps in creating mimic behavior to help in boosting brand awareness when the product becomes popular

3.  Displaying the product or merchandise in action

Today, Instagram lets you share videos, reels, and videos through IGTV. When it comes to showing a brand’s product in action, still images will not create that impact. With videos, you can make your followers understand how the product works. Using short video ads works great and looks more genuine compared to still images.

Let us explain this point with the help of a suitable example. PhunkeeDuck, for instance, shows clearly how this strategy works. Did you see Chris Brown, an American rapper, singer, and songwriter, standing on an awesome device moving the star around? You might be wondering what precisely Chris was standing on in the first place. When you see more celebs riding on such a device, you have a fondness to use that product. That is how PhunkeeDuck made this social media strategy work effectively. You need to show the product in action and user experience like someone having fun with the device or enjoying an exciting ride to pique audience interest.

Your video content on Instagram should create a powerful desire to buy a product. The brand PhunkeeDuck might not gain the audience’s attention without the use of a celebrity face on Instagram. The use of celeb faces as brand ambassadors helps to push products in front of the audiences, drive engagement, and boost sales.


The use of celeb influencers on social media sites such as platforms will help your business to boost brand and product awareness in less time. Make sure the strategy you use is effective and produces the best results.

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