30xx coming to Early Access

30xx coming to Early Access

Today, Batterystaple Games has announced that 30XX, a new roguelike action platformer, follows in the footsteps of its predecessor, 20XX, as it will be coming to Steam Early Access on the 17th of February.

Aside from the classic game modes like the Arcade Mode and the permadeath-free Mega Mode campaign, 30XX will offer players the possibility to design their own levels with the Maker Mode. Maker Mode is a simplified mode that uses all the tools used in developing this game, to create the levels of your dreams and share them with the whole world. Popular levels will eventually be vetted by Batterystaple Games, giving other adventurers the option to shuffle these in their own journeys.

The Early Access version of 30XX will start with six level themes to both sculpt and explore, including Penumbra, a cathedral with a lot of reflective surfaces and the Deepverse, a synth-wave holo-jungle with timing-based hazards that require precise mastery of the game’s control.

You can check out the newest trailer celebrating the release date announcement below this post or on our own YouTube Channel.

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