3D Printing Facts: 6 Things That Will Blow Your Mind Away

3D Printing Facts: 6 Things That Will Blow Your Mind Away

Remember Black Panther? Well if you do, Angela Bassett donned herself with 3D printed props in her character, Queen Ramonda! That goes to show that 3D printing technology has evolved and there’s still much to expect from it. The concepts of 3D printing were introduced way back when by David Jones. He was a journal mistral and an inventor who did not relent till he saw his dreams through. It has taken time to see the technology develop to what it is today and there are awning discoveries that will make your jaw drop. Below are six things about 3D printing that will blow your mind away.

1. The Production of Insanely Creative Objects

Today, and thanks to the advances made in 3D printing, you have 3D printers with the capability of producing insanely creative objects. Whether it’s toys or in the mass reproduction of printable objects, you have 3D printers for it. This ultimate guide on 3D printing from the guys at Printing Atoms helps to explain all the nitty gritties involved in this technology. This helps any newbie in 3D printing to understand the concepts involved in 3D printing. You can have fun while at the same time, learn all that there is about 3D printing.

2. 3D Printing In the Medical World?

This might come as a surprise but it’s true! 3D printers are now being used in major medical applications. Bioprinting organoids and tissues are now being carried out by advanced 3D printers, and it has helped doctors to have a better understanding of body organs. When applied in the medical field, 3D printing will allow medical students to study the anatomy of the human body conclusively without having to use human organs. Additionally, doctors are having an easier time in mass-producing surgical instruments and prosthetics.

3. 3D Printing In the Film Industry

If you are an ardent fan of movies, then it’s most likely that you have been left in awe by the recent developments made in props. The cutting-edge technology applied in movies nowadays is amazingly creative. Most of it has been made possible by the use of 3D printers. 3D printing has helped movie producers save time and money to come up with lifelike objects that are the life of the film. The aliens you see, the clothes, and most likely, some film characters are a product of 3D printing.

4. 3D Printing Is Under Scrutiny

As it turns out, 3D printing isn’t always used productively. There are some taking advantage of this creative technology for other ulterior motives. The defense and security apparatus are having a hard time telling what’s real and what’s not. There are questionable 3D productions that have raised eyebrows and questions asked of whether some 3D products can cause harm.

You’ve most probably seen 3D printed armaments that are as real as they can get.

There are also some harmful effects that come with 3D printing. One thing to note is that most 3D printing materials are made from thermoplastic products. You also have powdered metal products that can cause great harm to life when mishandled. With that out of the way, below are precautions to always observe with 3D printing:

  • Proper training should come first before handling any 3D printing materials
  • Wearing protective clothing whenever handling 3D printing materials should be a priority
  • Food and drinks should never come into contact with any 3D printing materials
  • Always ensure that your 3D printing room is well ventilated

5. Halloweens Made Scarier!

Halloween day has never been any scarier. Unlike in the years past when people would light bonfires, you now have lifelike objects on driveways that will scare the living daylight out of you. All this has been made possible by 3D printing. Trick or treat will never be the same again with scary objects on the front door!

6. 3D in Robotics

For the past few years, robotics has increased in popularity, and there’s a lot that has been achieved out of it. Robots are now being used in car production and in the medical field. The advent of 3D printing has helped create ‘soft’ robots. Robots have in the past been used in repetitive tasks, and 3D printing has significantly helped create some of the most unique robot features. Most robots’ parts are created with 3D printing and on top of that, it has helped change the methods that were once used in the manufacturing industry.

The above are mind-blowing things you probably didn’t know about 3D printing. It’s a technology that is fast evolving and one that has changed the world as you know it. A lot has been achieved with 3D printing and more is still to come.

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