4 Factors That Affect Your Gaming Experience and How To Improve Them

Thanks to various technological advancements that have been taking place since the beginning of the modern era of the fourth industrial revolution, the game industry has been booming at an unprecedented rate. Due to the huge changes that have been happening not only due to technological advancements but also the change in gamers’ habits, old studies and research are no longer reliable as a valuable resource when it comes to making any upgrades to meet the preferences of users in different games.

The industry is no longer limited to benefiting gaming companies and developers, but it has become a stable career for many content creators. There are four factors that have been undeniably affecting the gaming experience for many users. To dive deeper into exploring the different ways that can be followed to improve your experience, we need to first understand these four factors and their effects on users.

1.    Not Finding “The Fun” In the Game

The game might be extremely fun for one person and extremely boring to another. Usually, the reason behind this is the skill level of the player and the difficulty of the game they are playing. Beginners almost always find it difficult to enjoy a game that is beyond their skill level. To solve this problem, the majority of games nowadays have different modes and settings that control the difficulty of the game to be tailored to the player’s preferences.

2.    It Might Not Be About the Game

The experience is not always affected by the game itself. Sometimes, old gamers might find it difficult to enjoy games they had wasted endless hours on in the past. This is not always caused by boredom or shortcomings of the game itself. There are many factors that go into the equation of the perfect gaming experience. The professionals behind Desky clarify that comfort is one of the essential elements that can make or break this. Sometimes, the gaming experience might take a hit due to how uncomfortable your gaming desk or chair is. Whenever you spend long hours in the same position, it’s important to prioritize comfort to avoid neck and back problems.

3.    Difficulty Levels

We are all different; our thought processes are never the same. The gaming experience is always perceived differently depending on the thought process that changes from one to another. For example, when facing an “enemy” one might think of running away in the other direction, another may go through their weapon collection and start having fun, and yet another might start to think of a detailed plan to the shortest and fastest way to get rid of this enemy. These disparities are what make us unique, yet sometimes they can form a huge difficulty for game development. To solve this problem, many game developers spend endless hours studying and experimenting until they can reach a game that takes into account the different behaviors, perceptions, and thought patterns out there.

4.    Posture

Posture is a big part of the gaming experience that is often overlooked. This is because postures affect the time needed for you to make a move. A second too late because of the effects of bad posture can be the difference between winning and losing. This is why it’s not only essential to buy the right chair but to also sit in a good position that would promote better reaction time.

The gaming experience is not only affected by the type of games you are playing, but by your surroundings as well. Make sure that you are always prioritizing your comfort, not only to ensure winning but to avoid back and neck pains. If you keep the 4 points mentioned here in mind the next time you go to play your favorite game, you’ll find that your experience will certainly be elevated.

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