5+ Best Board Games for Your College Party

College studies might be tough sometimes. The pressure of the finals or interim exams is overwhelming. And even ordinary assignments might be too much for one. However, you should always remember that college life offers much more than cramming, writing, and lack of sleep. It also gives you parties!

Sure, when you are busy as a bee trying to finish that research paper, read the new novel, and not forget about the upcoming deadline of a case study, it’s hard to let yourself go. Yet, let’s be honest, any responsible person would rather address EssayHub.com and go to that party to relax and reboot. And imagine it being a board game party! Well, it seems like that responsible person would have no choice but to put aside their studies and go unwind.

In case you are the one who organizes such a gathering, you have to be selective. At real parties, there is no time for reading a book of instructions half of the attendees won’t remember. It will be just boring. So, let’s go through the list of the best board games that will not let you down just like essay pro reviews by NoCramming!


Alias is the same as the best paper writing services but in the board games niche. Almost everyone remembers it straight away when they need to play something fun. The rules are pretty straightforward:

  • there are several turns for each team
  • at every turn, one of the team players tries to explain in words as many words as they can to other team members
  • the word to be explained must not be named (and its derivatives too)
  • the team who earned the most points wins

It’s one of the best choices for a big crowd since you can divide it into many big teams.


Here, one doesn’t try to win or is afraid to lose. The game is about laughing at how distorted the initial concept gets by the end of the game. This is similar to the classical Chinese whispers game, but you don’t pronounce the words here. 

Instead, the first player illustrates the word written on the card and passes the piece of paper to the next person. The latter tries to guess what is pictured there, writes down the word(s) standing for it, and passes the piece of paper for the next player to draw the concept. Unless the students study at an art college, it is a lot of fun!

Mad Gab

This one is a pretty straightforward game, too, and you will definitely enjoy it. There are cards with combinations of words that don’t really exist. You need to read them, better – aloud and several times, change the stress in the words, and so on until you get what these letter combinations and sounds remind you of – this is actually the phrase in real English. If you can’t get what is meant in the card, your opponent may take their chance for extra points. 

For instance, something like peiff o a ssiy will stand for pay for essay, and when trying to guess what hides behind that gibberish, you will have a number of funny associations. So, the Mad Gab language is just perfect for a crowd – you will have new inside jokes, at least. 


There are always people who come to college parties just to mingle and relax instead of going wild. There are not a lot of them, but they do exist. So, a classic game won’t hurt so that these players get a chance to talk about something else than the game like sharing some tips on what essay writing service to choose, how to earn a better grade from a naggy professor, and so on.

Carcassonne is perfect for such groups of people. It allows up to 5 players and is extremely simple. All you need to do is to build your territory with the cards available. Each player takes turns and puts their figures on the landscape to earn more points and finish their building faster than other players.


This is the game reminiscent of Alias but only in the first round. Here, you should explain as many cards as possible within the given time. That’s easy, right? Well, the next round limits the number of words to explain something to just one.

Finally, the last round allows you to use only gestures. A significant difference lies in the fact that the puzzles are either about fictional or absurd made-up characters. Sometimes, it’s about real people though, like celebrities and historical figures.

More Recommendations

When choosing board games for parties, it’s extremely important to remember the main rule: no long-read kind of instructions. Everything else is secondary, except for the fun aspect, of course! And if the list above is still not enough for you, here are some extra recommendations:

  • What Do You Meme
  • Codenames
  • Cards Against Humanity
  • Say Anything
  • Uno
  • Games of Phones
  • Misch Masch
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