5 Best Gambling Movies

5 Best Gambling Movies

What are the top five gambling movies of all time? Here is a comprehensive analysis of five of the best gambling movies ever created.

It is definitely amazing to watch the various actors portraying gambling in a spectacular way. Watching them play superb games like Super Diamond Deluxe slot UK using various tricks to win big and outdoing the house is always a marvel. There are many such movies that have been created over the years, and some of them are even among the best movies of their times. They incorporate various aspects of gaming such as lifestyle, winning strategies and some action in a fascinating way which could make you a gambler instantly.

This list is of five of the best gambling movies. It is quite short, and the selection is definitely very tough. Some of your favorites may not make the list while the order of appearance may not be appealing to you. Nonetheless, you will agree with me that the following are among the best. They cover a large aspect of gambling and portray it in a cool manner.

1. Casino

This is undoubtedly one of the most popular gambling movies ever created. It is a story of gaming controlled by mobs in Las Vegas. The stars are Robert De Niro who is the owner of a casino with mafia links and Joe Pesci who is a psycho enforcer with rush choices and questionable behaviors. The latter endangers the lives of the two giving the movie the thriller effect. This aspect in conjunction with the seduction brought about by Sharon Stone and other characters earns this movie the top spot.

2. Casino Royale

You definitely enjoyed Martin Campbell’s Casino Royale which features Daniel Craig alias James Bond. This is an amazing film where Bond takes on Le Chiffre who is a cruel villain in love with inflicting pain. The casino aspect is brought about because Le Chiffre enjoys his poker. The movie has a great scene where Bond and Chiffre face off at Monte Carlo in an all or nothing game, and this is definitely breathtaking. Eva Green plays a pivotal role in the success of this film, and the pace is just amazing. This is one of the movies you would still enjoy today.

Casino Royale

3. The Sting

Robert Redford and Paul Newman have always made a great team, and this was evident in the movie The Sting. They were con men, and one of them was an expert whereas the other one is an amateur. They were targeting a criminal boss who is a gambling enthusiast and is baying for Redford’s blood due to a previous encounter. This movie presents a series of twists and turns that are uncommon in such movies. The conning game becomes complex as the movie continues and the risks the characters take are nerve-wracking. The movie has a lot of suspense that will keep you glued to the screen from the beginning to the end.

4. 21

This is a gambling movie that is based on the true story of a Mathematics professor by the name Kevin Spacey. It was acted before the days of online gambling where betting was still traditional. The professor trains a number of brilliant students to count cards in the big casinos in Las Vegas. The story progresses swiftly and ends up in an array of madness involving smart trickery, hedonism, and betrayal. The happenings of this movie are unbelievable. Actually, most of us only believe it because it happened. If you are a gambling enthusiast interested in poker, card counting, and blackjack, then this movie will still be very fascinating.

5. The Cincinnati kid

This is another great classic gambling movie. Many people know the name Cincinnati because of this film which was many people’s favorite for a long time. The main actor is Steve McQueen who acts as an upcoming punter who challenges the greatest risk taker and high roller of the day Lancey Howard. Howard accepts the challenge because he was certain of beating McQueen because he thought that he was still a rookie who had made a name through backroom games and not in a competitive game. McQueen faces a series of shortcomings which would jeopardize his chances of winning and this includes a pretty lady who nearly throws him off balance.
The movie has a fun and exciting ending with both players increasing their stakes and one of them making the big win. This is another thriller that you certainly need to watch.

cin kid

These are some of the greatest gambler movies, but the list is certainly not exhaustive. There are other movies that made headlines at some point in history. They include:
● The Gambler
● Rounders
● Seabiscuit
● The Cooler
● High Roller: The Stu Ungar Story
● California Split
● Hard Eight
● The Hustler

All these movies caused a big spectacle in the film industry. They depict gambling in various ways making it a great thriller. Most of them are action packed due to the inclusion of mafia wars and dangerous villains attached to betting. Some of them show some winning betting tricks which led to the big winnings. The storyline finally becomes spectacular regardless of the plot.
These five movies are undoubtedly the best gaming movies in history. They emerged at different times in history, but their portrayal of gambling was simply amazing. You can check your classic movie stores and watch one of these thrillers for a captivating experience.

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