5 latest marketing trends in 2021

While the next marketing tool is approved by the director, somewhere in the West they are testing a new, improved and more effective one. The task of the marketing service is to track new products, implement them and achieve results.

2021 in terms of goals is not inferior to the previous ones, comfort and customer satisfaction remain priorities. Where digital marketing is heading in 2021, which tools will work, and which ones should be abandoned, read below.

Streaming space is growing

As you may know, Twitch was sold to Amazon for around $1 billion. It’s a big space and Twitch is a dominative platform. More streamers join the platform and want to have fun there, especially after lockdowns and lack of socializing. How to become a favorite streamer? Stay consistent and engaged with the fan-base – it’s the key to success. Along with video systems, audio streaming also is very popular. The same as Twitch, we can say that SoundCloud is going to the top. You can buy SoundCloud plays and have fun with the successful campaigns. When you get more SoundCloud plays from the top-level users of the platform, you get an organic boost. 

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence plays a key role in marketing today. Robots can greatly simplify production processes, including collecting, analyzing and sorting data (market trends, consumer behavior, user information, tons of data from the web, calculations), serving consumers through virtual assistants, etc.

It is projected that by 2021, 85% of customer contacts will take place without human intervention. And with the development of technology, the formats of AI solutions are also developing, so the cost of products will not become an issue even for small companies.

Online presence of the business

Information is what the user wants to get as a result by going to the site of a search engine, using voice search and other alternative options. It doesn’t matter if he is looking for the nearest curtain salon or the opening hours of a hairdresser. The problem is that often the information posted on web resources contains incorrect data or is absent altogether. 

First, if a customer is confronted with incorrect data, most likely he will not continue searching, choosing a competitor’s company. Secondly, the presence of errors in the information about the company is a factor that prevents search engines from ranking your company and putting it in the list of relevant results. Third, by ignoring the management of data on the Internet (including reviews), business owners will face the problems of reduced loyalty of existing customers, loss of new customers and loss of profits. Therefore, the task of any business is to provide consumers with relevant and complete information on the network. You can check your company data right now and learn how to create a powerful online business presence with Rocketdata!

Chat bots

Chatbots are an important digital trend in 2021. AI technology uses instant messaging to keep in touch with customers 24/7. Virtual assistants offer great customer service – they are responsive, provide quick and accurate answers, and never lose patience. Chatbots will help businesses save $ 8 billion a year by 2021, especially in the banking and healthcare industries.


The same marketing for everyone is a fading idea, replaced by personalization or personalized content. We are talking, in particular, about email newsletters, including offers of goods and services, selected by analyzing previous orders and customer preferences.

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