5 Ways Laptops Are Better than Tablets

Last year has been all about technology. The pandemic got us by surprise and we had to find a quick way to adapt, and for some of us, laptops were the solution! 

There were so many articles on the internet teaching us how to choose the perfect laptop for us, and if you still couldn’t do it we recommend using this Laptop finder by Poweruphere.

Since there’s a shortage of laptops on the market and prices went up for the ones available, some people decided to switch to a table. In this article, we are going to talk about 5 ways laptops are better than tablets because there is no way to compare the two of them. 

   1. Versatility

We won’t talk about a keyboard and such, since you can buy a keyboard for your tablet too. No, when we’re saying versatility, we’re referring to software compatibility. For example, a college student may need to work with a specific program that may not be compatible with the tablet’s software.

When you’re buying a laptop, you will never encounter that problem again. Most of the apps or programs you will be using are compatible with the laptop’s software and that’s what makes laptops extremely versatile.

Let’s talk a little about battery life, too. While doing demanding tasks, your tablet’s battery life might drain out rapidly, and sometimes you might not be able to reach a power socket that fast and you’ll lose all your progress in an instant.

When it comes to laptops, the battery life isn’t that much of a problem. Even if it drains out fast, the laptop will give you some time to save all your work before it shuts itself down. 

   2. Easier to use

Either it will be storage capacity or USB drives, everything about a laptop is easier to use. Do you prefer using a mouse? You just connect it. Do you want a better audio system? Plug the cable into the audio jack and there you have it!

Laptops are so much easier to use because of their software system, too. You won’t be needing to look up which apps are compatible with your system since pretty much every program is compatible. Another thing that we love about laptops is their storage capacity which is so much bigger!

State of the art tablets only come with 64GB available, but the average laptop has at least 250GB available, which means four times more storage than a tablet! 

   3. Powerful performances

What better way to relieve stress than playing some games? For that, you will need a laptop with a powerful GPU that can support games and gives you the best performance while playing. 

You might need a powerful performance not only while playing games but also while doing demanding tasks on your computer. A tablet might be nice for low demanding tasks like writing homework and editing projects. If you’re looking for a laptop that can handle more demanding tasks you should try buying one with more RAM available and storage.

   4. DVD / CD Drive

Haters would say that DVD/CD drive is a dying technology anyway, but at least for college students, the disk is pretty much alive! There were so many times the teacher requested the homework on a CD or gave us the studying materials on a CD!

So either you want to listen to your favorite artist’s album or you’re just looking for a way to read your college materials, sometimes a DVD/CD drive may come in handy! You don’t know when you’ll be needing it.

   5. Screen resolution

If you love watching movies then you know that a laptop is the best choice for you. Nowadays, technology has come so far that 4K laptops are available at affordable prices, and we couldn’t find a better way to enjoy watching a movie than this!

With a laptop, you can also adjust luminosity by tilting the screen and you won’t have to worry about its placement, either! 

Laptops are more versatile when it comes to the apps you will need to install. They are far easier to use and you can plug in audio systems or external hardware without worries. Also if you need to use a DVD or CD drive, you can just open them and insert the disk.

So either you need a gadget for working or studying or only for your leisure, we strongly advise you to better search for a laptop than a tablet.

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