5 Ways to Finding a Loose Slot Machine to Hit a Jackpot

5 Ways to Finding a Loose Slot Machine to Hit a Jackpot

Whether you are playing an online uk slots machine or visiting a terrestrial casino and trying your luck at the cabinets, there are some ways to spot loose games. But do not assume that these are “miraculous” solutions and that they give a definite result. Contrary to popular belief, slot machines are purely luck based games, and you cannot use any strategy. So there is no “system” of slot games. Also, forget about the legends you’ve heard before: Slot machines do not warm up. After playing for a certain time, your chances of winning do not increase. The temperature of the coin you use does not matter either. These ridiculous legends have no basis, but there are still ways to detect loose machines and increase your chances of winning.

  1. Find the Machine

First of all, when we say “jackpot”, we mean a single, fixed big prize. If the prize amount is variable, this means you are playing a progressive jackpot game, and as you will see below, this is something we do not recommend. Slot machines are divided into several categories according to their features and betting limits. It is possible to specify them as fruit/video and penny/dollar slots.

  • Fruit slots: These are usually very simple games with a single payout line. Symbols are few, and bonus features are almost nonexistent. The reward amount is low, but they pay regularly.
  • Video slots: These are advanced games with an average of 20 pay lines. Your chances of winning are higher than fruit machines, but the betting limits are also higher. So you have to have a bigger budget to play them. Payment frequency is low, reward amounts are high.
  • Penny slots: These are the games you can play with a single penny. RTP rates are between 92% and 95%. Your chances of winning are extremely low.
  • Dollar slots: These are games played with at least 1 USD. RTP rates are between 95% and 99%. Short-term costs are higher, but they allow you to win more in the long run.

For best results, you need to choose fruit machines that belong to the “dollar slots” category. Your chances of winning are much higher this way. Stay away from progressive slot machines. These are money-traps, and you only feed the pool until someone wins – and that someone won’t be you.

  1. Less is Good

Avoid machines with a high number of pay lines. Theoretically, multiple lines mean that the probability of combinations being formed is higher too. So you have a better chance of winning on these types of machines. However, in slot machines, you place the bets per line, not per spin. For example, a game with 1,024 lines with a minimum bet of 0.10 coin per line would have a real per spin cost of 102.40 coins. Such games will cause you to consume your budget in a very short time. The ideal number of lines is 9. The maximum number should be 20 units.

  1. Choose the Place

Do not play slot games in terrestrial casinos. Contrary to what you think, the games at land-based casinos are not loose, and they will never be. According to Nevada law, the RTP rate of slot games at casinos within the Las Vegas borders must be at least 85%. This is a very low figure. As an example, it means that you will lose $ 15 of every $ 100 you invest. As a general rule, you should choose games that have an RTP rate of 95% and above. You can only find this type of games at online casinos. Using terrestrial casinos to find a loose machine is a bad idea and usually results in you losing all your money.

  1. Check the Rates

Even if you are at an online casino, remember to check the RTP rates beforehand. These rates do not determine your chances of winning. However, they determine how much you will lose in the long run. Games with higher RTP rates pay more often too. You can do this check from the paytable screen. As mentioned above, the RTP rate of the slot should be at least 95%. It is even possible to find games with 99% and above rates. If you cannot see this rate, you can do a very simple test. At the end of a half-hour game session, if you didn’t earn more than half of the money you invest, then the RTP rate for that game is too low.

  1. Play Maximum

After finding a slot according to the above criteria, you must play with the highest odds. Jackpot games are not designed to be played with minimum bets. Payment tables are dynamic and vary according to the amount of the bet. You cannot activate the jackpot feature if you do not play with the maximum bet in most of the games. For this reason, you always need to play with the highest betting limit.

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