5 Winning Strategies For Betting On CS: GO

CS: GO is one of the most played games in the world. It is filled with action, adrenaline-raising tasks, and skilled opponents. Moreover, Counter-Strike has always been a title where many like-minded players get together to enjoy their favorite game genre and unwind.

The huge interest that CS: GO has caused among different generations of gamers has also turned into one of the favorite games among bettors. Those who like to wager and play video games, usually choose a CS: GO league or event when placing a bet. However, there are many things that these bettors need to take into consideration before making the actual wager.

For this reason, we’ll take a look at different strategies that can improve your chances of winning the next time that you want to bet on CS: GO.

Pre-Match Strategy Explained

It’s important to mention that a betting strategy always depends on several factors. It can depend on the amount that the bettor is willing to place on a bet, on their own personal preferences while wagering or something else entirely else. However, there are still betting strategies that can be generalized and used by most players.

The first step towards applying a good betting strategy is finding the right online sportsbook or online casino where you can place a bet. The players need to look for licensed operators as well as the best online casinos that payout almost instantly. Moreover, bettors should also make sure that the website in question offers great welcome promotions and plenty of available games and betting markets. Furthermore, they are also advised to check what is the reputation of that operator in the online community as well as the available payment options for making a deposit or withdrawal.

After they have picked the right operator to place a bet, players can now move on to making their CS: GO betting strategy. One of the most popular strategies at the moment is pre-match betting. This strategy revolves around wagering on matches or tournaments before they start. For this particular strategy, it’s very important to do detailed research of players, teams, and odds. You need to be up to date with all the latest news from the world of CS: GO, so that you would understand odds and why some options are better than others.


Live Betting Strategy

Unlike pre-match, the live betting strategy includes wagering on matches that are ongoing. With pre-match betting, research and looking for the best tips is crucial. But with live betting, bettors need to be familiar with all the players and game tactics so they could make the best decision in an instant. You need to be patient and look for the right moment to place your live bet.

Map Veto Strategy

For this strategy to work you need to know your teams and the maps. It’s important to know which team performs the best on which maps. For example, if Team 1 has a three-match winning streak on Short Dust, And Team 2 doesn’t manage to veto it out, it’s more likely that Team 1 will have the best-of-three on this map.

Ranking vs Form

Not all odds paint a clear picture of the current status of the teams that are about to perform. Let us explain. Some sportsbooks can mark Team 1 as the favorite of the match simply because of their current ranking. However, if you take a look at other statistics you might see that Team 2 is in better form at the moment. So this means placing a bet on Team 2 can be a safer bet that will also bring you a bigger prize.

Value Betting

Value betting or understanding the odds is crucial for any strategy when placing a wager on CS: GO. This can mean the difference between winning big or a failed bet. Just like with the previous strategy, this one also relies on your knowledge of the gaming world and being informed about all the recent changes that happened on the teams that you want to bet on. So, if you see that Team 1 has odds of 1.4 of winning the match that should indicate that this team is the favorite according to the sportsbook. But if your own knowledge of their recent matches says otherwise, then you should bet on the underdog. Especially if that underdog has been showing improvement in the most recent matches.


In the end, your strategy should be based on your own intuition and knowledge of the game. Perhaps you are able to see something that other people, including sportsbooks, don’t. So, use that hunch, and follow it. If it serves you well, then you should combine it with some forms of the strategies mentioned above, and your next wagering adventure can turn out to be your best one so far.

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