6 Educational Board Games for Students

6 Educational Board Games for Students

A repetitive routine makes you bored. Why not try board games to add a bit of fun and excitement to your college days?

Board games are tabletop games with pieces or counters that are moved on the board according to a set of rules. They help you make new friends, spend pleasant time with them, and give you a fresh break from the monotony of studies. 

Not only this, these games are a wonderful exercise for your brain. They enhance your creativity, problem-solving, decision-making, and analytical thinking skills. 

So, what better way to make incredible memories while boosting your cognitive functions? Read on to find the top six educational board games for students. Meanwhile, you can hire a professional paper writing service for students to write my essays with best authors to ensure top-notch assignments and good grades. 

6 Best Edu Board Games You Must Try

1. Dominoes

Originating in China and now popular around the world, Dominoes is the simplest board game you can play. All you need is a set of gaming pieces known as dominoes and a flat surface. 

Dominoes is more than just a game because it lets you think arithmetically and develop better strategies. The player needs to sum up things that could be a multiple of five and build a strategy to remain in the game when trapped in a situation, losing points. 

2-5 players can play this game at a time. Needless to say, playing Dominoes relaxes your mind– all while you check essay writing services reviews to hire one for your assignments. 

2. Scrabble

Scrabble was first sold in the UK. Best for killing boredom and developing vocabulary skills, this game can give you that extra kick to refresh your mind. 

People of all ages love scrabble. Studies prove playing Scrabble can delay the development of dementia in a person. Besides, it’s a great way to improve your relationships with friends and family. 

In this game, the player needs to form valid words using the cross space of boxes. Simple and interesting!

3. Monopoly

Originating in the US, Monopoly is a game for the young as well as the old. Be it a night stay at your friend’s or a home party, Monopoly is the game of choice for everyone. 

A player may buy, sell, or trade properties in this game. To win the game, you have to invest and get wealthy. Interesting, strategic, and problem-solving, Monopoly offers skill development in a fun way. Playing it will also improve your decision-making and financial skills. 

So, why not get yourself a box of Monopoly next time and play it when you take a break between your studies?

4. Chess

First invented in India, Chess is known for its brain-twisting strategies. The game is a virtual battleground where each player gets 16 pieces on a board with 64 squares.

Two players can play chess at once and must build strong strategies to protect their kings. Playing chess helps in improving concentration power as well as logical thinking. 

Chess is one of the oldest games played for centuries. Studies say this game has the capability of healing ADHD and different forms of dementia. 

5. Yahtzee

Yahtzee was invented by an anonymous Canadian couple. It is a super fun dice game based on poker. 

The players throw five dice at once to get different sets of numbers and strategize their moves to score. What makes this game more interesting is that it is a combination of luck and strategy. 

Yahtzee is known for developing cognitive skills and statistics, especially in students. So, the next time you and your friend sit together, bring a Yahtzee board and make tons of fun-filled memories to remember.

6. Mastermind

It is believed that an Israeli postmaster and telecommunication expert invented Mastermind. It is a code-breaking game between 2 players where one player decides in advance how many games they want to play. 

A code maker creates a code using four pieces of the board, and a codebreaker tries to guess the code in the same color and order. 

Mastermind is best for building logical reasoning and problem-solving skills. Playing this game is a great way of bonding and enhancing your analytical skills at the same time. Perfect, isn’t it?

Final Thoughts

Life is a book, and college is an important chapter. When you grow up, these are the days you will remember with a smile. The above educational board games make your days colorful and help you make fascinating memories with friends. Apart from the fun, you also develop your mental functions and creativity to ace your academics.

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