7 Instagram Profiles You Must Follow If You Are a Hollywood Movie Enthusiast

7 Instagram Profiles You Must Follow If You Are a Hollywood Movie Enthusiast

For movie lovers, their interest in cinema does not end with the end credits rolling on the big screen. Their passion for Hollywood movies makes them dig deeper into the art of filmmaking. Whether it is celebrity photos, cinematographer profiles, or behind-the-scenes shots of an upcoming Hollywood movie on Instagram, cinema enthusiasts search the internet for more content.

According to an article published on Teenvogue.com, Taylor Swift shares pictures of some delicious homemade pastries and her cute pet cat, Meredith on Instagram. Yes, her fans are crazy to see her photos and her kitten on social media. It indicates that avid fans and followers celebrate Hollywood and celebrities.

If you are a movie buff and like to see on Instagram profiles of Hollywood movies, celebs, or some unknown story from the tinsel town, here are the seven IG accounts to follow:

  1. Script to Screen

This Instagram account has the popular Hitchcock line in the bio, “To make a film you need three things, the script, the script, and the script.” For comparing images footage from remarkable movies with the matching text from the film scripts, this Instagram account will provide you with useful insights when it comes to filmmaking in Hollywood. You will learn how concepts are created, translated from the script to the big screen, and even how actors cope with film dialogs without compromising the meaning of the dialog or text. Therefore, if you are passionate about acting in films and want to learn how popular actors manage dialogs, this Instagram account is your best bet.

  1. Color Palette Cinema

This Instagram handle focuses on aesthetic frames from some of the best, visually appealing films, showing a wide variety of colors used in making the film.When it comes to filmmaking, the audience often misses the implausible number of details and effort that goes into creating each shot. Color Palette Cinema grabs your attention to this fact. You can follow this Instagram handle as a reference point for aspiring filmmakers keen on making their movies visually stunning. Even if you are not an aspiring director or cinematographer, you can visit this IG account just for some visual delight.

  1. Best.movie.lines

As you can make out from the name of the Instagram handle, this account highlights some of the awesome lines and quotes from movie dialogs. Though not all of the quotes might be the most brilliant highlights, what matters are the little moments to make you suggestive and bring on the feelings you experienced when viewing it for the very first time. Therefore, if you are passionate about writing film dialogs, create an Instagram profile with famous lines to make your IG handle popular and buy 50 real Instagram followers, to begin with, and later build more engagement and increase fans.

  1. History of Cinema

If you would like to revive the memories of classic Hollywood movies and forgotten all this time, but now you want to view the behind-the-scenes shots of some of the most iconic scenes of all time, this Instagram account is your best bet.

Look up this Instagram handle for a mix and match of candid shots, videos, nerdy information, and humorous memes. It is a must-see IG account for those who like to dig deeper into the magical world of Hollywood movies.

  1. Accidentally Wes Anderson

Did you know that Wes Anderson, one of the popular cult movie icons of Hollywood has an entire Instagram page and successive hashtags meant for real-life movie scenes that give you a feeling that you can pluck those scenes from his movies?

Whether it is a recluse puppet show amid a vacant beach, an enjoyable balanced swimming pool, or pastel-colored elaborate buildings, nodding to the Grand Budapest Hotel, you need to follow the Instagram account that looks alluring, and a must-follow for all movie buffs. You can follow this IG account if you fancy yourself a clandestine Margo or Richie Tenenbaum.

  1. Chivexp

Did you know that Emmanuel Lubezki, skilled in handling the camera lens, is the best and talented cinematographer of all times? He has renowned works to his credit including Birdman, The Revenant, Children of Men, and many more.

If you look at his Instagram page, it is a pleasure for all passionate about Hollywood movies or just any person who loves to admire beautiful stuff. Then, do expect something too big from his blockbuster movies but an assortment of small squares giving you a glimpse of the natural, beautiful world through the eye of Emmanuel. His Instagram handle is appealing, eye-catching, and provocative.

  1. Studio Binder

If you are a non-professional, then this Instagram handle will teach you how to make a movie. Whether it is the type of shots used, motivational quotes, or the breaking down of color palette, this Instagram handle has all these components from some of the most celebrated filmmakers of Hollywood.


Now that you know about these Instagram handles related to Hollywood films, study them deeply if you want to learn some of the tricks of filmmaking.

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