8 Top Wardrobe Essentials That You Should Have

Dolce Gabbana, Gucci, Mango… It is not about the brand anymore. It is about comfort. The majority of highly demanded wardrobe elements today may look not that sexy, but they will prevent you from any sort of inconvenience. The idea is to find excellent combinations that a person can wear to both formal and informal events.

Nowadays, the most popular platform for buying different types of clothing, including the items mentioned in this post, is Amazon, as it offers huge discounts and mostly safe deals. Anyway, to get the wardrobe essentials listed below, we recommend going online. It is not about choosing the wedding dress after all!

Ballet Flats

Wearing high heels is no longer fashionable. It is an outdated look. The new generation prefers comfort upon all. This type of shoes is right what you need if you plan to do … just anything! They will not cost you a bunch of money. Ballet flats will serve you long when treated properly (up to a couple of years). Make sure not to wear them when it is rainy or dirty outside. A single fancy pair might not be enough. Think about buying several ballet flats of different colors. This type of shoes is recommended for:

  • Evoke the inner pin-up girl
  • Save feet from aches and discomfort
  • Go back to the high school days.

Knee-length (Midi) Skirt

Medium is an ultimate length for a skirt if you wish to make it a universal part of your wardrobe. This type of clothing is sufficiently versatile to be causal and work-friendly. At the same time, one can wear it for informal settings. If you have no idea where to buy this wardrobe essential or other items mentioned in this article, feel free to study some of the clothing retail market leaders.

Basic Cardigans

Universal clothing is at the top now. It helps to cut costs significantly. Cardigans belong to the category of clothing that you can wear to an official meeting, office, café, club, etc.. They are easy to take off when it’s hot and simple to put on again once you get chilly. No matter the event or season, this element of a wardrobe is always suitable.

Besides, it looks way better than a thick sweater of your grandma or grandpa. Thus, it is a perfect option for the cold season. From thin cashmere to heavy wool knits, there is a great range of cardigans to choose from. And, yes — it is stylish!

Dark Wash Skinny Jeans

Skinny jeans never leave the top-preferred lists of the slim girls. They are excellent for underlining your figure. At the same time, they may not be as convenient to wear as regular jeans. We recommend choosing black color instead of blue or indigo, which is more typical for this element of the wardrobe. Black jeans are not that easily soiled.

Besides, they will make your silhouette look great. This item is popular enough to be often described in definition and reflective papers that college students prepare. If you enter keywords like “write my essay for my fashion school,” you may benefit from discussing the wardrobe essentials.

Black Pants

As an alternative to the element above, black pants are a perfect solution for people with excessive weight who wish to hide this fact. The best option is to pick stretchy pants that repeat your every move to feel comfortable in any situation. They are perfect for office and business meetings when worn in combination with a blouse and cardigan, for example. Experts recommend paying attention to such materials as:

  • Polyester
  • Spandex
  • Rayon

Altogether, they call it “Ponte.” The feeling will remind you of wearing leggings. Unfortunately, leggings are not allowed at some workplaces. It is possible to get faux leather options at an affordable price.

Tiny Black Dress

That is another practical solution that does not fear dirt. It is another universal wardrobe element that a woman can wear almost anywhere. It can be mixed with different types of shoes, even the sporty ones though it may look a bit weird and funny. However, for their comfort, many girls choose this combination. Go for an LBD with a high neckline to obtain maximum versatility. It is important to define your body shape and type of silhouette before buying this type of clothing.

A White-Dress Shirt or Blouse

It is another excellent solution for an office that has become universal as time passed by. Experts recommend wearing one for job interviews, business meetings, college admissions, etc. You may simply put on one when heading for dinner in the local café. This element of wardrobe must become your new BFF for sure. To prevent a shirt from getting translucent, it’s necessary to take care of it. Carefully study the washing options first as the product is rather sensitive! To obtain a geek-chic ensemble, wear a sweater or cashmere upon the white-dress shirt.

This list is far from the full, but, at least, you’ve got an idea of what is trendy now. Mix the items above to create a new stylish look and share the ideas with your friends! Who knows: maybe, you are the next Fashion God!

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