9 Best Tips to Decorate Your Video Game Room

Do you like playing video games? If yes, then design a video game room in your home. A dedicated space to engage in prolonged gaming activities and display the collectibles is best to retire after a long hectic day.

The plus point is that you do not need ample space to get the full gaming experience. Whether a large room or a tiny area, you need an impressive gaming space to enjoy the whole experience.

It can become a space where family members and guests can spend quality time together. They can play pool, board games, or video games to relieve the anxiety and stress.

Following are some tips to transform the blank space into a gaming area:

Game Inspired Wall Decoration


Wall decor plays a vital role in decorating a mind-blowing video game room. You can decorate the wall with pictures of your favorite game or gaming character.

Wall painting of a scene in the video game is another good option for décor. You can cover an entire wall with an oversized art piece. It is a fantastic wall décor option.

You can also use more miniature games wall art to create a gallery wall. It graces the wall of the video game room beautifully and makes it exciting.

The Game Library


Video game lovers often acquire a vast collection of video games, consoles, and different assorted merchandise. One of the best gaming room decoration ideas is to transform a space into an elegant library.

CD racks, Bookshelves, or other wall-mounted items help you to display your entire game collection correctly. It is an excellent way to showcase all your rare possessions and gems. It is like creating a massive library, but you have games instead of books.

Gaming Chair


Recliner chairs or bean bags are excellent options for a video gaming room. It is suitable to sit continuously for hours without getting tired.

This chair provides you comfort, so you won’t hurt your body if you take a quick nap. You can find various chair options in different colors, materials at affordable prices by properly searching online.

Accent Lighting Makes All the Difference

In gaming rooms, a real challenge is to provide a proper amount of ambient background lighting. It is essential so that the TV screen actions do not blind your eye.

Use offset spotlights together with the recessed lighting on the ceilings together. It helps to improve illumination in the room without disturbing the action on the screen.

Dark-colored furniture, blackout curtains, and other muted color shades intensify the stress gameplay on the screen.


Simple but Fun Murals

Sometimes the most fantastic game room decoration ideas come directly from the games. For example, you can draw a mural of a popular puzzle game design. It is the inspiration for an exciting and fun wall design.

Paint the wall with a variety of colors that make a bold statement in the room. Use white and fun pastel shades of the furniture and other accessories. It helps to boost the high energy and playfulness of the video game room.

Soundproofing a Gaming Room


The sound effects of a video game enhance the room’s atmosphere and lift the player’s spirit. The typical gaming room environment is always loud. Players usually wear headphones to conceal the noise.

But to conceal the noises in a room, you need to cover the entire space with sound proofs. It also improves the quality of the game sound in the room. For proper installation of sound proofs, consult professionals.

For proper installation, place sound proofs on the ceiling and walls. Then layer drywall or some insulating foams for noise cancellation inside the structures.

Other than this, hang thick drapes, wall acoustic panels, or throw carpets or rugs in the gaming room. They also work as soundproof materials.

Wide Monitor or Projector

If you play a video game on a PC screen, you may feel it is a little small for playing games. So, use a projector in the gaming room. It allows you to enjoy the video game on a larger display screen.


You can also install a streamlined LED TV. It allows you to customize the size and range anytime you want. However, you can not change them on a TV screen.

Ensure that the LED or the projector connects appropriately to the consoles, speakers, and other gaming essentials. It is essential to enjoy the gaming room fully.

Gaming with Action Figures

Do you like a friendly hero like the Ninja Turtles, or do you prefer a masculine and hero like Batman? Take inspiration from the action figures and decorate a well-organized gaming room. Fill the room and the wall shelves with the action figures.

You can also use customized sheets, curtains, or cushion covers with pictures of action figures. That will make the gaming room colorful. It is a unique but excellent way to decorate a gaming room.

Gaming Table


If you like playing board games, then design an easy gaming setup on your centre table. You can use a big table or a coffee table that is custom built and has bottom cabinets.

It allows you to play different games with your friends and family like board games, card games, etc. The tables with storage space help you to keep your manual games inside it safely.

You can also use this table for keeping snacks and drinks when not in use for gaming purposes.

Final Words

It is the dream of a game enthusiast to design a gaming room in the house. Building the gaming area in your home is all about the balance between elegance and style. The good thing is that the gaming room does not have to be dull and bland.

There are various exciting ideas you can adopt in setting up a gaming space. But the simple and easy way is to set up a desk and computer setup. From a monitor to a comfortable chair, the gaming room should have everything you need to play.

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