9 minutes of Shadow of the Eternals gameplay

9 minutes of Shadow of the Eternals gameplay

Eternal Darkness is a game that many survival horror fans love, so when it was announced that Precursor Games was working on a spiritual successor to the beloved franchise it got everyone excited.

Then people started to realize that Precursor Games is headed up by Denis Dyack and a bunch of ex-Silicon Knights employees that left the company after their lawsuit against Epic games backfired and landed them with owing Epic 4.4 million dollars, along with the destruction and recall of both Too Human and X-Men: Destiny.

The distressing tale of Silicon Knights and what happened to the company can be read at this great write-up that was done. Suffice it to say that Silicon Knights and founder Denis Dyack don’t come off as the most trustworthy of people, which makes Shadow of the Eternals development and fundraising a little sketchy to say the least.

The gameplay demo that was just released for Shadows of the Eternals might seem a little familiar to those of you who played the original Eternal Darkness: Sanity’s Requiem. One of the levels in the original game takes place inside of a church as you play as Anthony who is tasked with giving a letter to Charlemagne and is transported to another world as he makes his way deeper into the church to find a way to him.

It’s familiar because that is essentially what is happening in this gameplay demo that has been released for Shadow of the Eternals, albeit it looks significantly better than the original does on the Gamecube. If you read the write-up about what they were working and spending their money on as they also developed X-Men: Destiny you’ll realize that you may in fact be looking at exactly that.

Yet despite this reportedly split effort, the ED2 demo also failed to come together in a satisfying way, sources said. “The farthest they got with it when I left SK was, literally, one two-level church interior,” says one former employee.


You can help fund the development and release of Shadow of the Eternals, through their website and their Kickstarter. Though I have to be honest I would really advise against doing so at least for the moment, if their past dealings didn’t sour you on funding the game then their backer promises should. The game is set to be episodic and is looking for 1.5 million dollars in funding for just the first episode not for the eventual 12 episodes they wish to make. The majority of their backing levels revolve around giving you further episodes of the game the more money you fund, the kickstarter is specifically just for the 1st episode to be funded. So should the rest of the episodes not be made, you’re out of luck.

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