A first look at GhostWire: Tokyo

A first look at GhostWire: Tokyo

GhostWire: Tokyo is a big game that’s coming up this year, 2022. It will be released for PC and as a timed exclusive for PS5. We got invited to take a first look at some of the gameplay of this game that’s being made by Tango Gameworks and will be published by Bethesda. This first look happened by means of a live stream where we, while waiting, were already pleasantly surprised by a promising, hauntingly good soundtrack for the game, introducing some tense music. The game has loads of stuff going as it’s set in a sandbox-type of an environment with Tokyo as its backdrop.

The gameplay showed us some of the story as well. GhostWire: Tokyo looks like a typical first-person shooter, but with a brand new original sauce. The main ingredient of this sauce is paranormal activity. We follow Akito, a man whose body gets inhabited by an undead ghost hunter named KK. As everybody in Tokyo gets wiped from the streets by a strange event,  Akito and KK use their powers together to hunt Japanese ghosts in the city streets while also protecting themselves from strange and mysterious attackers. All this is done in a typical Japanese fashion where also your attacks look like you are some type of Naruto character, moving your hands a lot.

So far the game seems to have two sides. On one side, the atmosphere and the entire story seem very cool. GhostWire: Tokyo is a game that dares to be original and isn’t afraid to show its heritage. When not in a fight, the entire game looks like an amazing paranormal trip with highly creative visuals. which are combined with great music and unexpected adventures.

On the other side, the fighting and enemies seem like they are missing something. Fair enough, we only got to see raw beta gameplay footage so far, but the graphics while blasting a couple of energy balls from your hand until something dies looked like the entire screen got filled with a bunch of nonsense that made the game more diffuse. The movement of your main character also seems bulky. We hope this will be better in the end, as especially the footage of the first couple of enemies we saw looked more awkward or funny than scary. On top of that, the game showed a lot of sandbox game-based actions such as portals that needed to be cleansed. This completionist type of gameplay is not very appreciated by everybody, but we will still have to see what the end result will be like. So far, the pacing and worldbuilding of the game seemed comparable to a game such as The Evil Within 2. In that game, you had special events and side quests that all were memorable in their own way, but you could also just go straight forward if you prefer.

GhostWire Tokyo Preview 4

Overall, judging by 30 minutes of beta gameplay alone, it’s still quite hard to fully grasp what GhostWire: Tokyo will be like already. That being said, the game does show some promising aspects. The paranormal activity ingredient that’s prominent in the game certainly will get many lovers of ghost stories pulled in right there, but the gameplay itself still needs quite a bit of polish. This might be a game that blows you away and is unforgettable, or it might be a game where you need to collect and repeat a lot of stuff without having much that’s worth mentioning. Whatever the outcome, time will tell, but we certainly look forward to getting more interactive with this one so far. Want to know and see more? You can click here to go to the official Bethesda site.

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