A Wildly Successful Video Game Adaptation – The Last of Us

A Wildly Successful Video Game Adaptation – The Last of Us

Rated as a binge-worthy TV series by most movie critics, Last of Us retains its ranks as one of the greatest video game adaptations.

This post-apocalyptic movie follows Joel (Pedro Pascal), a grownup who is forced to transport a young girl, Ellie (Bella Ramsey), across the states. The end goal is to save humans from zombie-creating fungi that have destroyed the universe.

Their relationship is pretty frosty, and the lack of sentiment is what gives the series and the video game its soul. The Last of Us is a beautifully crafted concept that manages to hold its own in a worn-out genre.

However, it is important to note that the show will not be a straightforward adaptation of the video game. There are certain concepts and details that only the gamers would notice, but that does not take away from the storyline or the development of the characters.

Bill and Frank – Spoilers below concerning this episode

Controversy and criticism are always part of any screen production, and the Last of Us is no exception. Although the criticism has been mostly positive, it is impossible to miss the heat surrounding the third episode of this HBO hit series, Long, Long Time.

In this episode, Joel and Ellie are traveling to Lincoln Massachusetts to locate Bill. The flashbacks explain Bill’s life over the last two decades in the town he’s survived and met his partner, Frank. This episode’s title is from a 1970 song by Linda Ronstadt, and it plays a significant role in Frank and Bill’s relationship.

The show got an average rating of 9.9/10 on Rotten Tomatoes. According to critics, the episode is considered the season’s best, with some naming it one of the greatest TV episodes thanks to its romantic, magical, and moving themes.

Their suicides at the end reflect on their happiest moments together in a world that desperately tried to wear them down. Their story speaks for the LGBTQ community, especially because their stories are hardly ever told in the gaming universe.

The Last of Us is helping to increase the visibility of the LGBTQ community in video games. Given its popularity, the game is slowly influencing other games such as The Quarry and Life is Strange to be more queer-inclusive.

It is no wonder that this episode got the highest rating.

A Safe Online Community

Technically, the queer community takes up a significant part of online communities, whether they are fandoms, gaming platforms, or social apps. Fictional worlds allow them to escape their reality.

The Long Long Time episode drew a lot of unwarranted negative attention, homophobic even. Some critics were protesting that the sexual exploration of the characters was unnecessary.

The internet is a pretty chaotic and unfiltered place, and this type of negativity was not unprecedented.

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This platform is exclusively designed for the LGBTQ+ community, and it allows for nonjudgmental interactions. As a niche site, Taimi is a model that offers a safe zone for sexually diverse individuals, and it allows for dating fluidity.

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The Last of Us is a wildly popular TV show and video game. However, there is more to it than the blood-rushing action-adventure horror storyline. It has taken LGBTQ representation to another level, especially in this particular genre.

Since video games are not particularly inclusive, this show is ahead of its time. It depicts queer characters and not in the stereotypical plots we are used to. If anything, the Last of Us is breaking ground in a space historically reserved for straight men.

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