Acer’s LumiSense+ brings world premiere to LED projectors

Acer’s LumiSense+ brings world premiere to LED projectors

LED projectors are all the rage nowadays. However, their owners have always encountered the same problems as with old school projectors: ambient lighting can seriously impact the viewing experience.

Acer hopes to counter this problem with its K138ST portable short throw LED projector. Its main draw is a built-in ambient light sensor, which its manufacturer dubbed LumiSense+. This allows the projector to optimize the brightness and saturation settings for any environment. Together with DTS sound audio speakers within the device itself, this should allow the K138ST to be carried around and used as a mobile beamer everywhere. Moreover, Bluetooth audio connectivity should ensure a quick connection with any nearby Bluetooth speaker systems.

In June, the projector will be available in North America for a starting price of $999, whereas Europeans will be able to get their hands on Acer’s newest piece of eyecandy for prices starting at €699.



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