JBL Soundgear Sense – Hardware Review
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JBL Soundgear Sense – Hardware Review

Good: Design, Sound quality, Stay perfectly aware of your surroundings
Bad: Does take some time getting used to wearing the earbuds
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Over the years, we have tried a lot of different wireless earbuds of all different shapes and sizes. We have taken a closer look at proper wireless gaming earbuds, but also those to zone out or work out. However, this time, we are not looking at yet another pair of in-ear earbuds, but JBL’s Soundgear Sense. These classy earbuds utilize so-called OpenSound technology, which managed to impress us.


JBL is great at making very classy-looking devices that only have subtle highlights, such as a glossy brand name or a few LED indicators on the case and earbuds. With the Soundgear Sense, you’ll be presented with a matte black rounded case and matte black earbuds, with a glossy JBL logo on the case and the earbuds. There’s very little in terms of extra bells and whistles, which is great. The Soundgear Sense’s earpieces are quite a bit bigger than most in-ear devices, and the ear hooks also make things look a bit bigger than they are. Even so, JBL’s open-ear audio solution is still very portable and small enough not to draw that much attention.


In terms of comfort, it does take a while to get used to actually putting on the earbuds with their so-called ear hooks. You can adjust these ear hooks to find the correct position, and after that, the earpieces should remain in place comfortably. You might be aware of the earbuds at first, but after a while, it feels more like a light and snug little headset. When wearing glasses, things do get a bit trickier. You’ll have to take off your glasses first, adjust the ear hooks put on the Soundgear Sense, and then put back on your glasses. Even then, it doesn’t feel extremely comfortable, and depending on what type of glasses you wear, the temples rest on the ear hooks of the Soundgear Sense. If you don’t wear glasses, however, the overall comfort level is great. The device also comes with a plastic-y neckband that connects the two earbuds, turning it into a sporty headset. It’s great for those who are afraid of losing an earpiece when working out.

The case is slightly larger than those for conventional wireless earbuds. The case’s shape is rounded, still making it quite easy to put in your pocket. The earbuds fit neatly into the case, but you’ll have to make sure the white LED light pops on to get confirmation the earpieces are connected. If you do not properly align and adjust the ear hooks, you might not store away the earbuds correctly.


As stated in our Tour One M2 review, you’ll need no additional setup if you already have the JBL app on your phone. Your phone will immediately pick up the Soundgear Sense, and you’re good to go. In the app, you can adjust several settings to your liking, and it’s basically just a simple process of tailoring the device to your specific needs. The app itself is very user-friendly, and it’s also very accessible for those with little to no knowledge of hardware such as this. The earbuds can be controlled with the typical taps (and tap and holds) on the earbuds themselves, making it easy to skip tracks, change volume settings, or pick up and end calls on the fly.

The case can be charged with the included USB-C cable, and a full charge will give around 24 hours of playback time. The earbuds will provide you with around six hours per charge, and the case can then hold enough juice for 18 more hours. This time proved to be quite accurate, even though the 24-hour mark was pretty much the limit.

Truth be told, it’s been a while since we were genuinely surprised by wireless earbuds or headsets, but the Soundgear Sense managed to do just that. The wireless earbuds aren’t in-ear devices, as stated above, and so we expected a somewhat inferior experience compared to in-ear devices or an over-ear headset. We were immediately proven wrong, as the sound quality was amazing, and it felt like we had two high-quality speakers following us around. This wasn’t the real surprising part, however, as we were quite amazed by the fact that we could still perfectly hear everything around us and even actively engage in conversations while still hearing our favorite tunes crystal clear. This makes this device great for a slow day at work, while still allowing you to pay attention if your colleagues need to ask you something. The same goes for the gym, as you’ll be perfectly aware of what goes on around you. We do have to note that the bass sounds aren’t that deep compared to many in-ear devices.

The sound quality during calls is great too, and there is no real sound leakage, ensuring all your calls remain private. The microphone also picks up sound well, providing those on the receiving end with crystal-clear audio feedback as well.


JBL’s Soundgear Sense provides great audio quality for day-to-day usage. The wireless earbuds are a perfect companion for working out, enjoying your favorite media, and even for a daily commute. The open design allows you to stay aware of your environment, while still being able to enjoy crisp audio feedback from your favorite tunes or even during calls. While the price point isn’t that low, and some may prefer in-ear devices, the Soundgear Sense is a worthy competitor for more traditional devices. Even though putting the earbuds on was a bit finicky with glasses, we can easily recommend checking out the Soundgear Sense if you’re looking for new wireless earbuds.

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JBL Soundgear Sense - Hardware Review, 9.0 out of 10 based on 1 rating

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