ÆRENA: Clash of Champions relaunches on Steam Early Access

ÆRENA: Clash of Champions relaunches on Steam Early Access

Clash of Champions now available on Steam Early Access!

ÆRENA – Clash of champions has been relaunched on steam. In what is promised to be its biggest update to-date, CoC (Clash of Champions) has received a new progression system as well as an overhauled UI, AI and in-game shop.

With this latest build, players can expect to earn in-game currency that unlocks new content by playing matches and completing objectives.You can now visit the store to buy new ships, as well as packs of Aether shells and champions which can be added to your existing roster.Player profiles have been implemented as well as a leveling system based on gaining experience.

According to the developers, Cliffhanger Productions, ÆRENA: Clash of champions is a turn-based, competitive multiplayer game that encourages players to experiment and create their own playstyle. The game is currently on Steam Early Access with an entry price of 7.99$ and is expected to be released at some point in 2014.

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