All CS2 Maps

All CS2 Maps

Valve Studios have outdone themselves again, as evidenced by the launch of Counter-Strike 2, a new game and upgrade to CS:GO, which has dominated the gaming scene for years. One of the major perks of the new CS2 game is the upgraded specs and features vividly displayed, including map upgrades from the ones in CS:GO. There are about 16 of them, with propositions of more maps to be added in the future.

A variety of the different formats of the maps gives different players with different styles a chance to explore the game in depth. Thus, players engage in more than just CS2 trading within the game; they have more terrains to work with as they play.

What to Know About the CS2 Maps

During the beta test, the CS2 maps were categorized into three, depending on Valve’s upgrades to the CS:GO maps. The categories include Touchstone, Overhaul, and Upgrade. Touchstone maps have unchanged layouts during the Counter-Strike series and have only received a light fixture and general visual improvements. Overhaul maps are entirely new and may require new directions and updates for the map plays. Upgrades are maps completely upgraded from CS:GO, utilizing the new features applied to CS2 in general.

CS2 allows players to pick maps used in CS:GO tournaments that will likely be played in various competitions. Thus, players can pick competitive maps from the Active Duty Pool, which they can use for friendly competitions or practice for major pro leagues. The CS2 maps can also be found in other modes, such as the Deathmatch, Hostage, and Bomb Defusal maps section, made up of maps best suited for all types of players, both new and old. The Wingman Maps allows gamers to engage in a challenging setting. They get to work in unranked and ranked settings. Although, both sections have maps that fit into the three categories used to describe the changes made to the maps with the launch of Counter Strike 2.

All CS2 Maps

The Active Duty Pool has the most extensive maps. That is because of the competitive settings of the maps, making them the most preferred during professional leagues. 

All maps in the Active Duty Pool can be categorized into Touchstone, Overhaul, or Upgrade maps. 

Also, every map has a unique setting, allowing casual and competitive players to engage with the maps and enjoy playing Counter Strike 2. 

Maps in the Active Duy Pool include the following:

1. Mirage

This is one of the most popular maps among CS2 players, originating from the Cyberathlete Professional League. It has even established itself in the competitive scene. 

Interestingly it is a Touchstone map, meaning that Valve made a few adjustments to the lighting; however, the map has remained the same. 

The map has the best settings for all types of players, making it a fan favorite in the Counter Strike 2 gaming space.

2. Nuke

Nuke is a more advanced map, best suited for advanced players looking for a new setting to sharpen their skill set. The map dates back to 1999 in the Counter-Strike franchise, maintaining its space in the competitive scene despite several updates due to its challenging setting. Therefore, the Nuke map is an Upgrade map, providing players with better lighting features and textures.

3. Inferno

Inferno is one of the oldest maps in the Counter-Strike series, dating back to the earliest games. Many players have been pleased with the game’s return due to its classic touch. However, Inferno is an Overhaul map, meaning that the map seen in CS2 has been built from scratch, giving players a new experience.

4. Vertigo

After 18 long years, Vertigo has made its long-awaited comeback to CS2 as a Touchstone map, meaning its original features are still intact. Players can try different techniques and skills using this map since Vertigo offers unbeatable strategies to bring out the best in players.

5. Ancient

Ancient is a new addition to the Active Duty Pool, making it an automatic Upgrade map with better lighting features and textures seen through its green palette.

6. Overpass

The Overpass map was initially found in CS:GO, but it is an Overhaul map since the version in CS2 has a new build and different features.

7. Anubis

Anubis is an Upgrade map, showing a new pool of water added to the map that was not previously there in earlier versions. Anubis is also a new addition to the Active Duty Pool, offering players a chance to show versatility in their skills through the maze layout on the map.

The Deathmatch Pool also has a few more maps, including Italy, which is an Overhaul hostage map, completely changed and made with better lighting and textures. Baggage is another map in the pool, an Upgrade map since it has new lighting compared to its predecessor in CS:GO. Other maps include Shoots, Office, Canals, Lake, and Shortdust, while Dust II is best considered a casual map since players can access it in casual mode only. Some players may face geolocation restrictions while trying to access some maps, which can easily be solved using a VPN or looking for similar maps.


The launch of CS2- and subsequently the upgrade of CS:GO- has improved the general outlook of the new game. The game’s visuals and textures are better, thus improving the gamer’s experience while playing. Therefore, players have noticed significant changes to the maps and map settings, with some of the maps getting a complete build while others receive a few lighting changes. Although players will likely see more changes soon, the maps’ current sections and modes will serve all players’ needs. Different maps with different settings will offer the best range for all competitive and casual players.

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