Alpha 24 update gone live for Goblins of Elderstone

Alpha 24 update gone live for Goblins of Elderstone

Today, Outerdawn has announced that the latest update for Goblins of Elderstone, Alpha 24: Gobs of War has gone live, along with a new dev diary that walks you through the new additions and tweaks to this city-building tribal simulator.

The biggest change in this update is an added layer of tactical complexity being added to the game by having up to three strategies available to choose from that will influence how your goblin tribe will approach encounters with enemies. You can toggle these strategies in the War Hall.

This update also brings some changes to the flow of unlocking Gods. Gods from the goblin pantheon will gradually awaken from dormancy over time with the requirements of your goblins worshipping them. You still have the option to unlock each God early on if you choose to do so. Also, the Trek UI has undergone some changes as information is now displayed in a far more digestible way. Creating parties and sending them out on treks is a lot more easier as well.

Goblins of Elderstone is currently available in Early Access on Steam. A final launch of this game is currently expected for early next year. When more details are known, we’ll let you know!

Below, you can check out the latest dev diary that explains everything added in this latest update.

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