Alwa’s Legacy available this summer

Alwa’s Legacy available this summer

Indie developer Elden Pixels has announced that the sequel to the acclaimed Alwa’s Awakening, Alwa’s Legacy will be arriving on Steam and Nintendo Switch this summer. The closed beta sign-ups have gone live for those who want to test the game and provide the developers with their feedback early on.

Alwa’s Legacy honors the past with its 16-bit inspired visuals while also offering a contemporary take on the Metroidvania genre with a lot of puzzles to solve, dungeons to explore, uncovering ancient secrets and acquiring magical items. Through your adventure, you can fully customize your character through a character upgrade system centered on an offensive, defensive or an explorative character build.

Following the events of the first game, Zoe embarks on a quest back home. Upon waking up, it seems that she’s back at the beginning of her adventure and the world is familiar but also quite different at the same time. To make her way back home, she needs to help the inhabitants of this mysterious land and save it yet again from the mysterious curse it is under.

Below, you can check out the announcement trailer for Alwa’s Legacy.

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