Angry Birds #4 De Lokvogel – Comic Book Review
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Written by: Uncredited
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Publisher: Ballon Media

Angry Birds #4 De Lokvogel – Comic Book Review

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Even though most of the Angry Birds fad is over nowadays, new games are still being made, an animated movie is in de pipelines and Ballon still has a running comic book series, which we’ll discuss today. With the very cute cover we were wondering what this mobile-game-gone-overly-popular had to offer us. Let’s just hope we don’t toss this book towards some bad piggies after reading it.


Even though the cover depicts the title of ‘call bird’, it’s actually only a slim portion of the contents of the comic book. The angry birds series is a collection of short stories and small gags, with a very well-behaved sense of humor, making it accessible to children.

The biggest portion of this album are short stories, involving the famous cast of birds, each having their own personality. Whilst most stories have a rather predictable plot there are a few fun twists and turns along the way and there are actually a few subtle references to other franchises, events or movies scattered throughout the album, making it a bit more pleasant for the more adult readers.

It’s fun to see a decent amount of different approaches concerning the different stories, which shows a certain amount of creativity to keep things fresh along the way. Of course, when a collection of writers works on the album, it’s easier to come up with different ideas, whilst it is harder to keep things from looking too as well. Overall a decent collection of various stories.

Visually the illustrations are actually top notch and in a way it’s sad that these loveable birds and their green groining pig-like enemies, aren’t featured in one long adventure. Even with a simple plot these critters would look amazingly good. Nonetheless, the overall experience is very enjoyable. It’s only sad that the artist(s) aren’t properly named, thus their work goes mostly uncredited.


Angry Birds #4 De Lokvogel is a pleasant book for a young audience, but parents and older Angry Birds fans will probably find some enjoyment while browsing through this issue. The short stories are ideal for younger children to read one at a time, before going to bed, and the animations that accompany them are simply adorable and funny.

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Angry Birds #4 De Lokvogel - Comic Book Review, 5.5 out of 10 based on 2 ratings

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